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  1. Since the OP doesn't mention it, we can assume unawareness of map options and that the map is whatever is default in the official iPhone app.
  2. If animated gifs are banned, they are banned. Nothing we can do about it. But the way I see it, we need to preserve what little freedom that remains when it comes to creating varied puzzle caches, otherwise all interest for the cache type will die out. Same goes for the now severely crippled challenge caches. If someone doesn't like gifs, images, lengthy descriptions then just stay away from those caches.
  3. Yes, but my problem right now is how to add the search result to a list. I've learnt that there may be better ways to download your own finds, but there are clearly bugs in the adding search results to list part.
  4. Actually, there's more to it than that. If I do a general search for something, say multis within some distance from my home coords, and get a search result that is below 1,000 caches, I can add them to a list. If I widen the radius so that there are more than 1,000 results, I can not add the top 1,000 of them. That's one bug. But if I list my own finds, going via dashboard - geocaches - have found, then I can not add the 1,000 latest nor can I add the whole search result even if I use the "found after" filter to limit the result to arbitrarily few caches. If I filter for caches I found during November I get nine caches. Still, if I click "add 9 to list" I can not add them. If I check the box to select them all (since the all fit on one page), then I can add them with the button that still says "add 9 to list". That seems to be another bug.
  5. Yes, my experience with PQs is limited. The way I remembered it, you had to set up a day of the week or something, typically the next day and then wait for that to happen. So this is the way to get a gpx of a filtered search of caches now, is it? Even if you have already done the filtered search and have the result in front of you?
  6. Well, I've almost never used PQs because I don't really understand their purpose. In any event, there is some waiting involved, right? I wanted my list immediately. But this is beside the point. The point is that adding 1,000 to a list does not seem to work, which makes it difficult to add the first 1,000 of a larger search result to a list.
  7. I was trying to add my found caches to lists. Since there is more than 1,000 of them, it has to be more than one list. I painstakingly searched five times, using the "find date" filter to exclude the ones I had already listed. After each search, I clicked "add 1,000 to list" followed by "create a new list" and named the lists with the date of the first find in that list. The result was this, except I have since then added 200 caches to one of the lists. So I got five empty lists. No caches added. Then I made another search, not involving own finds, resulting in over 1,000 caches. Tried to click "add 1,000 to list" again, and was presented with this: Note that several of these lists are empty, still it is not allowed to add 1,000 caches to them. I clicked the check mark to select the caches on the first page of the search result only, clicked "add 100 to list", and then those were added to the selected list. Finally, I made a search resulting in over 900 caches, and those I could add with one click to one of the empty lists. So in conclusion, it seems not possible to add the first 1,000 out of a search result of 1,000 or more caches even to an empty list. Of course making it even more excruciating to make lists out of a large search result, e.g. to be able to compile a list of your own find history.
  8. Yet they were held for five consecutive years. Even the last one's descriptions starts with "Each year we invite". Maybe it was the unusually large turnout for that one that made them think "never again"? I can fully understand that one would not like to have x0th Anniversary Celebration and Block Party the same year though. Not that these things matter to me or the majority of the world's cachers who are never going to visit Seattle. This discussion just illustrates the perceived (by those who care) unfairness of having special icons for things that are only available to those who are suitably positioned in space and time. To me it seems that if you make the rash decision to have a special icon for an annual event you kind of take on the responsibility to keep it up.
  9. Do you mean locationless? Others may like them, and is it a bad thing they can be logged anywhere? They certainly don't block the cache types you like since they have no physical component. Same with webcams, any number of those would not affect those who don't like them one bit. I can understand the problem with people climbing on road bridges and stuff just to be seen in the picture though.
  10. Not sure if you're miffed about caches that are poorly maintained, or those that you find boring to start with. If the former, there are mechanisms in place to weed them out already. If the latter, someone else may like them and they most often do not prevent the placement of a quality cache. The five-star system used for ALs does not work, not for ALs either as has already been discussed, precisely because the stars are not limited. There is no reason to conserve them, so most people will just give five stars to every cache. That's why the AL ratings all tend to be in the range 4-5.
  11. So what? People that understand and care about the requirements can still enjoy trying to fullfil them. If the typical locationless owner would be no more nitpicky than HQ is with GC9FAVE, then there would be no conflicts for HQ to deal with. That said, I also seriously doubt that the locationless will ever return.
  12. I don't agree completely. "Read the details if and only if you get stuck" means the same thing as "don't read the details unless you get stuck". But "read the details if you get stuck" certainly implies that reading the details is secondary. "Read the description, then nagivate [...]" would inform a newbie that there is actually a description that should be read before navigating. If one does read the description, one probably also notices that there is a "hint" and doesn't have to be told to use that if and only if stuck. I do realize that there is a limit to the length of the text in the app.
  13. Me too. The last find was today, so maybe it will adjust itself soon, but the PM find count (25) and the FP count are updated already.
  14. If you're happy with nagivating using your mobile it seems you should be doing fine with what you have. Otherwise you should ask for advice on what handheld GPSr to get, I'm sure there are people who have an opinion on that.
  15. Late to the party, not living in the US so therefore not directly affected, but I still want to toss in my two cents before it's too late. Yes, I know it doesn't matter what is said here, but still. If this somewhat stumbling analogy is to be drawn to its conclusion, it seems HQ is planning for its own demise. Shutting down services and functions one by one until just a fraction of what it was in its heyday remains. Until someday, when only one member of the family is left, living in a run-down one-room apartment, he also silently passes away without anyone noticing. Not with a bang, but a whimper. It's sad. Geocaching has been an important part of my life for ten years. Around me, players are quitting in droves. If they are quitting because of the changes or if the changes are necessary because they are quitting I don't know. But it is certainly a negative spiral.
  16. My advice is to fix it. Buying something newer will only disappoint you. All devices will have their weaknesses, but the older ones were not built to break to the same degree. I'm using a Garmin Nüvi 200, the single most durable piece of electronics I have ever owned. The amount of punishment it has been subjected to would have destroyed anything else. It has one flaw, the USB connector (used for charging) comes loose after a few years of daily use. When that happened, I bought a second-hand identical replacement unit for $10 and used that until it developed the same problem, then I repaired the original one and have been using it ever since.
  17. Who needs other countries, anyway? Great pictures, quite an adventure.
  18. Not to mention it is 200 hours at an average speed of 90 km/h. That's 25 days behind the wheel if you can manage eight hours per day. Not much of a vacation, unless you really love driving.
  19. Not sure if that's what the OP meant, but what if you don't get the final coordinates from the cartridge at all? The cartridge takes you to a second stage where you then use some other method, like a puzzle you find there, to get the final coordinates. Would that fly?
  20. I have never been subjected to captcha by geocaching.com. I just logged out, cleared all cookies, restarted my browser, declined all non-essential cookies as usual when I logged in. No captcha. Am I just lucky? Or do you only get captchas when using VNP?
  21. Not from all statistics, it would seem. I just looked into Project-GC at an acount I knew had logged that cache, and that account still has the "Low Altitude Cacher" diamond bagde for logging a cache at -4959 m.
  22. Not sure what has happened to the antipodal idea in the past ten years, but I know the cache mentioned above has been used by some cachers to get a very good number for lowest elevation. The sea is deep where the question mark is. Maybe that loophole has been closed by now.
  23. Actually I think square or rectangular lamp post covers that you can lift and place a cache under may be a strictly US thing. That's at least the only country I've seen them in. Over here not only are the lamp posts round but the cover is plastic, hard to lift and doesn't really fit a cache. As mustakorppi said, you are much more likely to find a PIG (PET In Gran (fir)). So there may never be a world championship in LPC Golf, I'm afraid.
  24. There has not been an FTF prize in any of the few caches I have been first on. However, once I was STF on a difficult puzzle cache long after FTF, and the FTF:er had not claimed the prize which was a nice roll of shiny golden 10 SEK coins for a total value of 100 SEK (around 10 USD). I have provided instant lottery tickets as FTF prize on occasion. For my Christmas calendar themed cache there was actually a little something for the 24 first to find.
  25. Same here, black on white. This with Outlook (ancient version) on Win10, and the same if I try to answer a found notification. I think it is safe to say this is an effect of your email client or settings.
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