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  1. Ehm, you all just unearthed a thread from 3.5 years ago. An August 31, 2020 release added some new attributes to the site, including a "powertrail attribute". At the time Geocaching HQ offered COs the option to thave the attribute added to their currently published powertrails if they contacted them. A total of 62.000 caches currently carry this attribute. I will close this thread due to its age and the feature having been implemented a year ago.
  2. The links and flows works just fine for me across different machines and browsers That said, your browser is out of date, so i would start with updating that. If you are running various cookie blockers or similar tools they may also cause disruptions to the site.
  3. Alright, so a (technical) limitation and resulting side effects are not a bug. Whether you think it is arbitrary or how other apps or different platforms for the same app (android vs iOS) handle that don't change that. If the Android app can process 250 drafts, it will not show more than that on the map. We can pass this on to the mobile team, but if this limitation has not been resolved over the past months, it is likely for good reason. In the future, you can report bugs via the help center at https://www.geocaching.com/help/ Choose the contact us interface at the bottom and select category "18. Bug reporting".
  4. First off, sorry that you are experiencing these issues. They clearly are very frustrating for you and I can understand why if drafts are a key part of your caching experience. That said, if this bug is as frustrating to you as the above writeup suggests, I am surprised that you a) never contacted our customer support in the past six months to draw attention to it and b) waited six months to report it in the forums. FWIW this is the only report of this behavior we have received and while frustration is fair and human, I would ask you to keep the dialogue constructive. Asking around the various Android users in the company, people are unable to reproduce the bug, including myself. That is on the latest app builds (v8.59) with Android 10+ and modern(-ish) phones. So let's start with some of the missing essentials from your report: What app version are you running? (You can find that under Version Info under the ... More menu in the bottom right corner) What Android version are you running? (You can find that under Version Info under the ... More menu in the bottom right corner) What phone are you using?
  5. If you want to get a general visual overview of the caches you have found and the map filling with smileys, you can use the browse map. The search filters, search results, and search map tend to be used most frequently to identify items you have not found yet. Hence the adjustment to optimize that experience and save players clicks of excluding found caches (that tend to cause noise if you are trying to find caches you have not found yet).
  6. This has been resolved. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  7. This has been resolved. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  8. Thanks for the reports. We are looking into it.
  9. It has never been cumulative. Not in any of the past years where there have been different points for favorite points and other caches. It has always been "the higher of the two values". So the fix that was made is very much in line with that.
  10. Es ist korrekt, dass diese nicht mehr für neue Mitgliedschaften zugänglich ist. Sowohl auf Mobile als auch der Website sind nun noch die monatliche und jährliche Variante verfügbar - auf Mobile war das schon länger so, die Website hat also nur nachgezogen. Spieler, die noch eine laufende Mitgliedschaft im 3-Monate-Zyklus haben behalten diese weiterhin. Die Erwähnung der 3-Monate im Hilfer-Center war ein Überbleibsel und wurde jetzt behoben.
  11. Es ist schlicht eine Limitierung der Webseite und hat nichts mit den Richtlinien sonst zu tun. Wenn du den Rest der Event-Richtlinien ließt wird sich dies dir auch erschließen. Events sollen Cacher zusammenbringen und im Idealfall einem Großteil der Spielergemeinde zugänglich sein. Dies ist bei Community Celebration Events um so mehr der Fall da hier eben die Spielergemeinde und das Spiel gefeiert werden sollen - nicht ein kleiner Bruchteil der Spielergemeinde, der gerne mitten in der Nacht cachen möchte.
  12. Die Antwort zu deiner Frage findest du im Hilfe-Center - letzter Absatz der Seite: Die Zeitenauswahl erlaubt es es nicht einen Zeitraum bis bzw. über Mitternacht hinaus einzustellen. Da dein Event mindestens 2 Stunden gehen muss, ist die späteste Zeit also 21:45. Ergo das obige als Zeit auswählen und dann in der Beschreibung einen entsprechenden Vermerk, wenn die Zeiten leicht abweichen. Ob Events zu solchen Zeiten wirklich dem sozialen Charakter von Geocaching-Events dienen lassen wir jetzt mal dahingestellt.
  13. Log texts in the geocaching world are formatted via markdown not via HTML. While confirming that would take more time of looking into this, I'd strongly recommend you don't use HTML code in your log texts to prevent potential hiccups. Especially because it won't be reflected anyway. Another suggestion is to use the short link (https://coord.info/GLGV5837) to be taken to a working page. The latter opens the editor without issue for me.
  14. Only Admins, reviewers, and COs (only for their own) currently have access to unpublished cache listings and associated data. Building something like this would require a rework of such security rules and something that would be dynamically set based on user names designated by the CO. This would then not only need to happen in one place but across the board to avoid player confusion (why does it show here but not there). Based on the needed effort to implement such a thing (backend work on security rules touching various parts of the site & spinning up a new "beta test caches" page) and the small number of use cases (frankly, this is a rather German problem ) chances that something like this would be taken on are pretty small.
  15. Chrome and all chromium based browsers, like MS Edge, will not show these images because they are hosted on a webspace that is is missing the necessary security certificates, as evident by it being HTTP vs HTTPS. It's a google decision and has nothing to do with Geocaching.com.
  16. Based on the fact that working advice and specific data have been provided to the player and their issues are resulting from using an unauthorized application, I am closing this thread.
  17. Logged-In HomePage - so this guy @ https://www.geocaching.com/play/search. So the search results if you go via the Most favorited or Newest caches buttons
  18. Kurz und knapp: Nein. predator1337s Aussage ist so richtig.
  19. The leaderboard contains a big green button that says "Earn Souvenirs". When you click on it, it tells you which souvenirs can currently be earned for what number of points / elevation. I have highlighted it in red in the screenshot below:
  20. As this may be particular to the cache you are trying to edit, e.g. images hosted on external sites in the cache description, please always post a reference to the cache in question. Otherwise there is no way for us to verify what you are describing. Your post is also missing other information on your operating system, version numbers for your browser, potential scripts etc.
  21. The reason is that your cache has multiple final waypoints that you must have entered when the Edit page still allowed for this. The edit page has since received further waypoint validation and limits to one final waypoint. As a result, such "faulty" cache pages do cause issues with the edit page. You need to contact your local reviewer. and tell them which of the two final waypoints you'd like removed. Once that is taken care of, you will be able to edit the page as you are used to.
  22. This release is related to the Geocaching App on Android. What you are describing is website functionality that you happen to be accessing from the browser of an Android tablet. There is no connection between the two. They are completely different ecosystems. The bug you are experiencing was already reported in the appropriate section of the forums so we are aware. Thank you for your consideration.
  23. @barefootjeff If you look closely you can see the ^ next to Event Date in the Event Date column. That means that the search results you are looking at are sorted by date. So you see the Events in chronological order. Neither that Help Center link nor its resulting search results were touched by this release. That said, I have updated the link to this one that should hopefully better reflect what you expect.
  24. Please try again. This was addressed.
  25. @Viajero Perdido It is correct that the sort functions on the list view and the map view have different underlying logic and reference points and may hence show different results from use case to use case. This is expected and has nothing to do with the current release. It may just be more visible to you now with this particular use case. This release is a setting that allows you to enable/ disable the functionality as needed. While it may not meet your needs in this particular scenario, it may meet your needs in others. That said, if I remove all the not productive commentary from your post, I believe we talked about that before, what I am hearing is the following ask: "If I map all my finds, e.g via the "All Geocache Finds link", I would like the map to more closely resemble the List view and be based on the order of my found-by dates." Thank you for that suggestion. I will add it to the backlog.
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