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  1. This also applies to those GPS Maze things, and I remember having this issue before with other "special" events. My point is that if it's classified as an event, I should be able to turn it off with the red toggle button.
  2. I'm getting irritated that when I try to turn off events so they don't show up on the map while I'm browsing, "Community Celebration" events will still show up. Yes I get that there's no specific button for Community Events on the filter list, but when I click on the red button on the far left it should turn off ALL events, regardless of their type. As it stands, there is no way that I'm aware of to turn off Community Events from the map, which just strikes me as a silly oversight.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to look like this...
  4. Hello, I am looking for help from somebody who is fluent in Arabic, who would be able to help me with a new puzzle cache I am designing. If you think you can help, let me know or (preferably) send me a PM. Thank you!
  5. Yes, that second one is what I had before! Thank you, that's what I was looking for. Could you tell me how you generated that for future reference?
  6. Ah, I see. My mistake, I clicked on the wrong one. Okay, thank you for this. That does indeed give me a functional map. I would still much rather have the actual OpenStreetMap map if it's possible, though.
  7. No, the image I posted was from the Geocaching website. That is the map I had on my GPS previously, and is what I am trying to get now. I tried bbbike. It gave me an .OSM file and I have no idea what to do with it. I need .IMG files, don't I? I'm so confused...
  8. What?? Very little detail? That looks plenty detailed to me, I should think.
  9. Mineral2: I just don't understand why doing the exact same thing that I did before suddenly doesn't work. In the past, I just took .nl's default selection for all of British Columbia instead of picking my own tiles. I did that again, and this time it borked. Atlas Cached: Just to be clear about things... When you go to the Geocaching website's map and choose "OpenStreetMap Default" from the upper-right selector...What you see there is what I had before on my GPS and what I want now. I'm not completely sure, but it seems like some of the sites you've suggested there, and a lot of the stuff from the wiki I linked earlier, will give me a different map than this. I appreciate your patience, dealing with these things is really difficult for me...
  10. That leads me to here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download ...for OSM maps, which I have looked at before. There's so many to choose from, and the ones I tried didn't work properly.
  11. I'm hoping somebody can help me here, because I'm at a loss. For the past few years, we have been happily using a Garmin Montana 680. We then used http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl to download OpenStreetMap maps for use on the device. This worked perfectly, and then twice I re-downloaded the maps to update them and keep them up to date. Yesterday, I realized that we had driven far enough to find a cache that we were 'off the map', ie beyond the imagery I had downloaded from that site. So I went back to the site to get more, basically doing the same thing I did before when I was updating the maps. Specifically, from the website I get a big pile of .img files, and I put all of them into my device's "Garmin" folder. Because I wasn't expecting anything to go wrong (I had done this twice before after all), I overwrote the old .img files with the new ones. But something was wrong because when I turned the device on again, I had NO maps. I was back to the extremely basic, blank maps that come natively with the Garmin. And since I had overwritten the old files, I couldn't just undo what I had done. It was at this point I learned, through the grapevine, that this website had been "abandoned" for lack of a better term, in that the owner doesn't update it or maintain it any longer. I could still download the .img files just fine, so I have no idea why they ERASED all of my maps instead of just updating them, even if the maps were out of date. Now I have no idea what to do. I am a complete noob when it comes to GPS device technology. This website was the only method I knew how to do, and it was honestly a fluke that I had figured it out all on my own. I tried to find another website where I could get OSM maps, but nothing worked out. I'm honestly completely at a loss. Before anyone says anything, using a Smartphone isn't really viable for us due to our data plan. If it matters, we reside in British Columbia, Canada.
  12. We found 7 caches today and NONE of them have yet been incremented in the upper right. Seems like it's getting worse...
  13. Sometimes pages or features don't work on Geocaching. For example, right now, I cannot add anything to my Ignore List. When this happens, there is ALWAYS a message on my browser saying "Sending Request to Facebook.com" while it's trying to perform the function. I don't have Facebook. I never will have Facebook. I don't CARE about Facebook! Why does adding a cache to my ignore list require the website send a request to Facebook??
  14. Probably due to the recent server instability, but I thought I'd bring it up. I can't add any caches to my ignore list, it just loads forever.
  15. I dislike liar's caches because often it's not clear in the description that the D/T rating and/or attributes are all fake. I prefer geocaching to be a real adventure and not some fantasy. I recently found a liar's cache, and I didn't even realize it was one until I found the container itself. Went back home and left the log "Things got pretty dicey, but we found it". Even this short statement is more than I would like to place in my log, because nothing really did get dicey at all. I want my log to be a real representation of what I went through to get the cache. The CO emailed me later, threatening to delete my log if I didn't rewrite it to talk about all the "crazy danger" associated with this cache.
  16. Some adventurous cache-hiders take to creating a big series (usually made up of ? caches) and place their icons onto the map in such a way that they create a picture. What are some your favourites that you've seen? (sorry if there's already a thread for this)
  17. I'm not going to name names, but there is a certain Geocaching user who has been doing nothing but spamming false logs. Every so often, he will post anywhere from 60 to over 100 "Found It" logs on different caches in a single day, all with exactly the same generic message. The caches he logs spread all across both Washington state and southern British Columbia. As further proof, I've looked at the physical logbooks of some of the caches they "found", and there is no message. Is there anything to be done in this situation? This person has a five-digit amount of finds, and I'm certain that they're all if not almost all fake. These false logs are disruptive and misleading, especially if he "finds" a cache that's actually missing. It's especially annoying when I go to print out a cache page with the 5 latest logs, but one of them is his useless log so I only get 4.
  18. Didn't realize it was a premium feature. Nevermind, lol. I don't give up on DNFs, I keep them in a Notepad file to check for other logs. I just wanted them off of the map itself so I could more easily see the ones I hadn't tried. Oh well.
  19. Hey there, If I ignore a cache, can I still open its webpage? And if so, will I still be able to see new logs as they're entered? I ask because, since the map doesn't show DNFs, I was going to ignore the DNFs instead.
  20. I guess my only concern was asking if someone's a geocacher, when they aren't, which might lead to the cache being smuggled. I'm probably being too paranoid, though.
  21. I was out today looking for some caches, and I found a group of people at one of the cache sites that looked like they were looking for it as well. What is the etiquette in a situation like this? I didn't think I should just walk up and say 'hey, are you Geocachers?'
  22. Okay, well I managed to find a workaround, though I don't think this is something intentional. If I don't set it as an active destination, but just let it sit on the map, then it doesn't get eaten. Thanks for everyone's help anyway. I'll be sure to be a little more scrutinizing when I get the next one.
  23. All right, I turned on off-road mode, so it doesn't stick to the roads. However, it's still eating the destination when I get too close. My device is a Garmin. My dad said he bought it from a 'Geocaching store'.
  24. I've gone through a couple of GPS units over my days of geocaching thus far, and they all seem to have one of two problems. 1) The direction marker (ie, the 'You are Here' arrow) sticks to the roads. 2) The destination marker gets eaten once the GPS decides I'm 'close enough' In both cases, this makes driving out to the caches fine, but makes it more difficult than it needs to be to actually locate the GZ. Can anyone recommend to me a GPS device that doesn't do either of these things, hopefully with a soft blow to my wallet? Please note that I do not have a smart phone.
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