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What Shoude i Attach to a TB/Traval Bug?


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Nothing valuable, or too cute. You don't want people (children OR adults) thinking, "oh! nice!" and keeping it.


Something that doesn't care too much about damp conditions.


My one TB in play, we used part (8 links) of an old bicycle chain, well cleaned. The TB has a theme of a charity bicycle ride, and a request to take photos with your bicycle, so it fits the theme.


Sorry - this is more a post about what NOT to use, than a suggestion about what to use! LOL!

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5 hours ago, spirit1932 said:

I dont know what to Attach to a Traval Bug?


What interests you ?   Is there something you'd like to share with others ?

You've found one ... simply a plastic army figure, but it's mission creates interest.   :)

Another is funny, and just looking for cooler weather.  For me, the goal/mission is more important than what you attach to a tag...

Folks know that high-end or "cute" things go bye-bye, and will understand that the "attachment" is just so there isn't a bare tag.

A box of pocket lint headed to volcanoes around the world would be a fun one. 

 - A diamond ring that simply wants to move cache-to-cache will definitely go missing, but it's mission is also so-so.


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I'd also add that you don't have to send out the TB either. I would make a proxy, which can be a simple laminated card that can have the TB code and the text that you want (such as the mission / goal) or you can go for something more elaborate such as wood or metal. 


When I make my TB's, I keep the original tag, and make a proxy with a hitch hiker. A proxy is less likely to go missing (at least that's what I tell myself!) and if it goes missing, you can just release another one with the same code you already paid for. If it comes up that there are two in play, you can contact whoever has one and ask them to either keep it, mail it to you or discard it. 

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