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  1. ya like that but i looked at all the logs and i could not find some thing like a note.
  2. So i was looking and checking on my caches trew the map and then i saw that one of my caches had this syble on it that was a letter. It was not a letter box but the icon was a little bit smaller then the big icon that says what the cache type is. Here is the GC code if you want to check it out: GC920DA Also what does this mean? I have no clue what it could mean.
  3. What i did was put a tag on the bag and attached one the the TB! i also added what its mission is!!!
  4. i added some more things to make seem more like a Travel bug and not SWAG. I think it will go well and if you want to see the Travel bug i will put the Tracking Number here: TB9T8A7 Also i think this Travel bug will go far we just have to hope!!!
  5. You see i got a few TB for Christmas and i am scared to put them out in the wild becouse i dont want them to get muggled. what should i do? Should i add a tag saying not to keep and that it is not swag or should i keep it as it is?
  6. Man i would like to help but i dont live near you at all. I dont live in the state but i would love to take care of them but i cant. Sorry...
  7. Since i made o Topic about (How do i get FP) and i got a lot of info i just wanted to see what was you most Awesome cache you have seen? also i just want to get info to see if i can Make a Epic Cache! You see i think that i want to make a vary awesome cache! i want it to be like a bird house that could maybe have some way to open it like a key or a Lock. Plz Send Info so that i can make a cache kinda like it but plz do not say like hide a container in the woods.
  8. You see when a Chache that i find and it has Cords on the back i jus cant find out where i woude yous it. i put it into Google maps nothing and i try to find it but nope still i cant find it.
  9. I dont know what to Attach to a Traval Bug? Plz help Me!!!!
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