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  1. Just One Small Step Away From Glory
  2. Hi mate, the discussion is not ment for HQ. I was just curious what the people think would be a good idea.
  3. Wow thats amazing, I would love to see that many events comming up here.
  4. I agree with Team Canary, "More active players would be good for social reasons".
  5. Love this photo, not sure if it is staged or not but it is cool anyway.
  6. What new features would you like to see on Geocaching.com website or the Geocaching App? Possibly new features or better search tools. Share your ideas.
  7. I guess the simple rule is "Always be respectful of other people in the Cemetery".
  8. Is the number of Active Geocaches rising or Falling or holding steady? What should Groundspeak do to attract more people to start Geocaching? Please share your Opinions.
  9. What is everyone views on Cemetery Caches? Personally I love them and I even have some myself. I have some friends that do not like them and find them disrespectful.
  10. There are Three CITOs in the ACT & NSW on the 24th July 2022. Everyone is welcome to attend. GC9WMVE CITO - Yass 2022-07-24 Australia / New South Wales / Yass Valley GC9WMVA CITO - Goulburn 2022-07-24 Australia / New South Wales / Goulburn Mulwaree GC9WRBZ CITO - Hughie Edwards VC Rest Area 2022-07-24 Australia / Australian Capital Territory / Australian Capital Territory
  11. A good cache would be anything that has been maintained and is still accessible. A bad cache would be anything that is missing, neglected or no longer able to be in the location that it is in. Personally I do whatever I can to keep a Geocache alive. I have maintained them and even adopted some. Sadly some just fade into non existence.
  12. I also agree with dprovan on this one: let the good caches live and the bad ones die.
  13. What is the Best GPS Unit or Smartphone for Geocaching? Is it all comes down to personal choice or is there a standout device that is better than others? I use a Garmin 688 and a Samsung S8 and I find that those two are very good for my Geocaching needs. Please share your opinions.
  14. Fantastic, it's about time they released more souvenirs. I mean it's only been 20 years.
  15. The 22nd May 2022 was Thank a Volunteer Day! Whether you found a new geocache today, found one on a faraway vacation, hidden a geocache, used Geocaching.com or the Geocaching® mobile app in a language other than English, or used our forums, you have a geocaching community volunteer to thank! A Huge Thank You from Darksidedan
  16. What is the highest distance traveled on a TB that you own? Is it still traveling? I have never personally released a TB but I am curious as to how far the travel and how long do they last?
  17. What largest &/or weirdest TBs have you come across? For me it was a super sized 40cm tall Green T-Rex. The last time I saw that TB it was tied to the bonnet of a car like a dead deer as Aussie Ben drove out of Alice Springs
  18. How many TBs have you directly received from HQ trackable giveaway promotions over the years? This includes Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geico Gecko, Michelin Man, NCEES surveying, Jeep, Magic the Gathering, Treasure X, Halo Top, Kamp Koral, World of Warcraft, Wild Basin, Math Love, Discover the Forest, Smokey the Bear, Tin Cup, Dream Big, Urban Adventures, DuckTales, Element14, Airstream, Ecokeepers, Generation Nature, Kennedy Space Center, Minelab, John Grisham, Mountain Warehouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hurtigruten, etc. This is obviously assuming you requested them.
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