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  1. RockChalk, Can you find $10 laying around and purchase the Dark Mode plugin and install it here? The on Apr 1, set Dark Mode on by default. I would love to see the conniption fit that 75% of this forum would have over that. People, the best way to get used to website changes is to stop being upset about it. Accept it and move on. By some miracle you'll either get used to it, or quit using it. Either one solves the problem.
  2. I think some people enjoy the dress up aspect more than the need to conceal their motives. I would never cache somewhere that I felt the need to present a false identity, even if it is to just make myself invisible to muggles. One of my top rules is that I do not cache where I believe the locals won't appreciate behavior that they might see as sketchy. I respect that people have a certain expectation of privacy around their homes and their property even if I may be within my legal right to be there.
  3. fbingha

    Paper TB?

    I've had no issues with delamination with the tags I've added to travel bugs. If the bug is still moving, the tags look fine in the posted pictures. Looking at the Jeep lamination above, the edge is cut to less than a mm in some places. Of course that's going to delaminate. I cut mine no closer then 1/4" from the paper inside.
  4. If you want to move it move than .1 miles, just ask a reviewer to do it. You don't need to pass any moral test as to whether or not your cache is the "same experience". If it's part of a theme and it makes more sense to keep the same cache instead of creating a new one, let the reviewer know that and they will likely help you out. This has been my experience with themed caches that have become compromised and I needed to move them elsewhere in the same area but more than a tenth of a mile.
  5. Leave a FTF prize if that's what you want to do. It's your first cache, make it an experience just as much for you as the finder. I left a mountaintop pole trek, rock scramble, cache last month with a $20 bill in it. Whoever gets it, deserves it for the effort. A bike path cache on the other hand, I don't leave any FTF prizes. Often, your hard work, turns into nothing more than a statistic for someone so they can claim their FTF for the week, for the month, whatever. They don't experience the walk, the ride, the place, they just see a mark they can put down. Really no reason to reward that. Please realize that you are talking to the grizzled veterans here, though. Our experience will not be yours.
  6. I enjoy increasing the different coins discovered on my profile, but only actual coins. I will not discover items from a list.
  7. A week? It's now Jan 2nd. What sort of SCRUM process is Groundspeak running in that their expectation of a software release being 1 week away has now turned into 2 months later? Is this where we insert the conspiracy theories about killing of Wherigo in preference for Adventure Labs?
  8. I think 4.5 years was a good amount of time for DARKSIDEDAN to study the after effects of the switch.
  9. Nice, I've found someone who has a longer No Finds streak than I do. Yes, I've cached more this year because of Corona Virus. Just got tired of being cooped up at home. Yearly Breakdown Year Total Caches Find Rate 2008 3 0.012 caches/day 2009 0 0 caches/day 2010 0 0 caches/day 2011 0 0 caches/day 2012 138 0.377 caches/day 2013 223 0.611 caches/day 2014 55 0.1507 caches/day 2015 14 0.0384 caches/day 2016 79 0.2158 caches/day 2017 130 0.3562 caches/day 2018 19 0.0521 caches/day 2019 9 0.0247 caches/day 2020 137 0.3881 caches/day
  10. Firetacks are Something that isn't going to get blown away or dislodged by an animal? No. Use firetacks, they are allowed.
  11. It all depends on the environment. PVC exposed to the sun will degrade whereas an Ammo can will continue to function.
  12. Of course, that's a proper thing to do... but if you have a "history" with the CO, MANY OF US KNOW how such simple actions can blow up.
  13. To me, it seems that both of you are behaving childishly. You have over 1,000 finds and surely you know by now that a slip of paper is all this required. I am certain that you've found many micros with just a slip of paper that you did not log a NM requiest. You know an actual logbook is not required, regardless of the size of the cache. To post a NM with such a reason gives the appearance that you were being snippy based on your past history with the CO. He responded with the same snippy attitude and removed your find. He does have a point, if you say there isn't a valid log, then therefore you didn't sign a valid log, hence no find.
  14. That is not a good example in my experience. Cachers are finding something out there and besides the OP, they are logging it without complaining. When I've attempted to get similar, but even worse off caches archived, I have been unsuccessful. It really seems that if a cache appears to be "functioning" then archival is hard to push through because it's simply a zip log bag or has a receipt for a log.
  15. Monday, 07 December 2020 by <GIMME MORE FINDS #1> Third time in the US. And a new found here near <SOME CITY> with <GIMME MORE FINDS #2>. We think the box isn't here anymore. Tftc. Monday, 07 December 2020 by <GIMME MORE FINDS #2> <GIMME MORE FINDS #1> and I stay for some days in <SOME CITY> and of course we wanted to find some Caches. We was on the right spot but couldnt found a box. There is too much dirt and everything is overgrown. Hope the picture will be okay. Tftc
  16. You don't see how this doesn't make sense? You say "categorically I'm on notice that I can't just turn on the GPSr and go hunting, as there are other things I need to do or figure out in order to get the find" I can take my cache with a stamp, set up a puzzle that requires you to do all sorts of things all over the county over several days and publish it as a letterbox, right now, per the rules. .. but if I just happen to include finding another geocache in that puzzle, it can no longer be a letterbox. It's just nonsense.
  17. I would like to see such features added to the cache page. Remember, this is a small forum and the opinions expressed here may not reflect opinions of those who do not utilize these forums.
  18. This gets old every time. This game is not played like XYZ want it to be. I get tired of people complaining about hides when they don’t bother to hide or stopped hiding along time ago. Get off your high horse and go hide the caches that you want to find. That’s all we can do. It takes a couple dedicated hiders in an area to change what is expected in an area.
  19. Best guess is that they didn't want the Power Trail traffic. PTs often bring cookie cutter logs that give no feeling of thanks back to hiders who get mixed up in that.
  20. I don't see an active nor archived cache around those coordinates. There's also too much writing on those pages for 2014. Maybe you found a summit register.
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