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  1. No, I see no opposition. They allow geo-art, and the British flag isn't obscene or otherwise objectionable these days.
  2. No. You can bulk buy codes for things like geocoins, but you must have Groundspeak approve the coin design. It's more than what most people want to do when they ask about buying just the tracking codes.
  3. Possibly because some parts of the world are still not allowing events due to the pandemic? That's my guess. My other guess is "because they decided to not count them."
  4. Ah - I haven't set up a PQ in a while, and I forgot that the search now allows for search by attribute. Jeff's suggestion is probably the better plan.
  5. Pocket query: https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx Parameters to change: that... I have found from Origin... home coords within distance... change to 10,000 miles if you like Add the Special Tool attribute (click on it once) Click Submit info The running schedule can stay as default. It'll give you a link to a preview list of the search results.
  6. I thought about trying to log out, then log back in, and see if that stopped the notification. But I decided to just ignore it for the 7 caches I logged today.
  7. No leapfrogging No claiming a find on a cache you haven't actually been to The "group signing" is a convenience for the CO, that the log isn't filled up quickly. But only those who are physically there and COULD sign the log if it were passed around, should claim the find.
  8. If caches are already flagged as needing maintenance, then use the "Cache should be archived" flag on your log. This will alert the reviewer and set the clock ticking much faster than any algorithm.
  9. But then, you're talking about replacing containers with permission, and/or replacing broken containers. The OP was talking about replacing missing containers, which without CO communication, one doesn't know if the cache is actually missing or not (i.e. throwdowns). I think Australia is often one of the exceptions to the general rule. I suppose any caches in the middle of the Sahara might be another.
  10. Leave a throwdown: No. Perform minor maintenance on an existing cache container: sure, if you want. But don't guilt trip those of us who don't.
  11. I'm not certain, to be honest. But I suppose either way, the OP can use it.
  12. If the trackable is already on its way and logging miles, it would mess up the history to log it into a nearby cache now. If it's in the hands of another cacher, you'd virtually be taking it from them and logging it into the CT cache now rather than X days ago. And then it'd either show as being in that cache or in your hands, rather than in the hands of who physically has it. If it's in another cache right now, a similar problem arises. It would no longer show up in the inventory of that cache, but the logs would make it look like you took it from that cache and brought it to CT again. Does that make sense? Basically, it's too late for this trackable. If you decide to release others, you can post a note on the nearby cache and "visit" the TB to the cache, then drop it into a cache elsewhere. That will start its journey at the close-to-home cache while not messing anything up.
  13. A cache that is disabled is not permanently out of play. The cache owner could fix it up and re-enable it. (It doesn't appear that they will from the last log, though.) Since you are a Premium Member, you can "watch" the cache listing. Then when the cache is archived, you can place your own there and submit a new listing. I personally would be hesitant to log a "Needs Archived" on it, to flag the reviewer to the issue, at this point. But I'd not be averse to contacting the reviewer for the area and seeing if they'd post a reviewer note to start the ball rolling on archival. Hope this makes sense.
  14. As far as I know, one cannot get archived caches on the map, period.
  15. Works for me on Firefox. Perhaps check your ad block and/or privacy type settings?
  16. And keep in mind that the "Who has seen this cache" feature did not log views from the app or other API partners. So it was a VERY limited view of who saw the cache page. The person who trashed the cache probably wouldn't have shown up in the audit logs. That's one reason the feature was dropped.
  17. If you can't figure out how to copy/save them separately, if you want, I can download it and cut 'em up for you. Let me know which symbols you'd like.
  18. What page are you referring to when you say "my page"?
  19. The last (top) log you quoted was a temporary disable, apparently after the enable listing log. Did they enable it again after that?
  20. The NA has alerted the reviewer, and no more can be done at this point except through the reviewer's toolbox. At least the last log is a TD and not an Owners Maintenance (regardless of them saying they are doing a "mass enabled" - I think they meant "disabled").
  21. TriciaG


    If you go to your dashboard: https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard In the left side is the Reach the Peak link to your leaderboard: https://www.geocaching.com/play/leaderboard EDIT: The blog does say "Go to your profile and tap on Reach the Peak to see your progress in the Geocaching® app." They don't state how to do it on the website.
  22. An outdoor activity, like hiking but with points of interest along the way. A pastime? For me, it's not really a hobby, as that implies (to me) more dedication and regularity than I put into geocaching. It's only a "game" like solitaire is a game - some stats, but no competition.
  23. The CO has no control over what coordinates are accepted when you enter solved coordinates. The only thing they have control over is what the final coords are in a checker (which doesn't seem to be what you're talking about here) - and that wouldn't accept random coords from other caches. Chances are there was a formatting issue with the coordinates you were trying to enter. If you copy/pasted from another cache, it would be the correct format by default. Look carefully at how they are entered vs. the coords you tried to enter the first time. Only the numbers should be different. The decimals and other formatting should all be exactly the same.
  24. What about those who don't cache with a camera? There are people who don't use smart phones. The whole point of signing the log is for proof. If you have to take a photo as well, there's no sense having to sign a log.
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