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  1. I use both. My phone is old and the GPS has become unreliable. It does the job when in an urban environment because of the grid format of cities. Once I get out into the countryside, I'll switch over to the my Garmin etrex touch 25.
  2. As a dude that only does solo caching, I give playgrounds and schools a wide birth.
  3. I did the whole "cache in trash out" thing and threw away a pathtag I found by mistake. I found it at the start of a cache run and started filling just one of my pants pockets with trash as I went along. When I got back to the parking lot, I headed for the trash can and emptied that 1 pocket. A few hours later, I realized that the pocket I had emptied, was the pocket I put the pathtag in.... Argggg!
  4. I recently circled back and found a DNF from a month or two ago. When I opened it, there was no log sheet to be found. There had been a number of people that had found it since I marked it as a DNF. I'm curious as to how many people (past and present) have actually didn't find it but marked it as found. I did message the cache owner that there was no log sheet, but still waiting to hear back.
  5. It's a question to strike up a conversation.
  6. Checking the cities website or emailing the city to find out what their rules are for geocaches usually works.
  7. Currently trying to get my 5th posted. I've found it's a bit tricking trying to hide when there's a Wherigo in the area.
  8. Look into the Rite In The Rain brand. That should help out.
  9. My phone randomly decided to not load caches. I had restarted my phone, and nothing. So I figured I'd come on that forum to pock around a bit. Your suggestion on logging out and signing back in again worked. Thank you.
  10. That's cool. Could a wrench be considered some sort of vice?
  11. That looks like some kinda vice?
  12. Try signing out, then sign back in again. I've had a couple of glitches that seemed to have been fixed when I did that.
  13. I got the magnet for my car and marked it as not a collectable. If someone takes it off at some point, I'm fine with that.
  14. I'm really liking the idea of a trackable tattoo.
  15. What's the word count that you're looking for from the cacher? In my case, I'm not a big talker or wordsmith. So trying to write multiple paragraphs on the spot about how I'm feeling about a nice (or cool) hike... My brain goes blank.
  16. I'm still thinking of doing it. I may have something that will work well.
  17. Partially? Just sayin that water can sometimes find a way.
  18. I've found a few brand new ammo placed upside down where water was still able to make it past the gasket into the can.
  19. I haven't, just being a bit of a smart-a**
  20. So that's a no on peanut butter jars for a cache container?
  21. What gets me is when I find a micro sized log sheet in a regular sized (and bigger) cache container. Is it really that hard to put in a proper sized log book/sheet in the cache container?
  22. I'm starting to put together and place a few caches of my own. One thing I'm not completely sure of is the proper size rating for a peanut butter jar sized container. Would it be considered small or regular?
  23. I've sent out a couple saying that they'd like to pick up a hitchhiker in their travels.
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