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WSGA PS Chapter - Meeting Poll


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This is a poll for members of the WSGA (and others) who live in the Puget Sound area.


We would like to know which meeting location you prefer, based on some of the meetings we have had thus far. If you have not attended a meeting but would like to share your opinion, please select the final choice and post a note.


If you have a second choice or would like to suggest a location not mentioned here, please post a note. We'd also like to hear why you voted for the one you did. This will help us plan future meetings. We will continue to move the meeting around, but we'd like to hear from you. Thank you!

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I voted for Redmond for the obvious reason that it is just down the street from work. However, I have to say that I really enjoyed the environment of the Pyramid Brewhouse on Tuesday -- that room we had was great (thanks, Uplink!).


That said, I like the fact that we are moving the meetings around from location to location. While that might make it hard for people to know in advance where the meeting will be held, and it makes some locations a bit of a haul for some on some dates, I think (hope?) that it increases overall participation by eventually moving the meeting close to any given geocacher's home.



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As part of the

After WSGA Meeting Nighttime Cache Hunt
group, I feel we should continue to rotate between north and south and eastside and west. I know that arranging a different location for the meeting is alot of work but the variety has really been nice. It also spreads the commute pain. A few of us Kent East Hill people have actually been carpooling to the meetings not in Kent. I'd even be willing to do Gig Harbor one month. I hear there's a good night cache over there icon_biggrin.gificon_smile.gif



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Attended the meeting at the Kent Library and I appreciated the totally family friendly atmosphere of the public meeting place. Rotating the meeting locations makes it very fair for all to find a niche and place to attend (or travel to ...) Meeting on my front porch is probably not an option to make it totally convenient! -CT



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I voted for the Ale House, but only because I enjoyed eating and drinking with everyone... I felt that particular venue was just too darn noisy.


I would also like to suggest that maybe we can move the meetings to 7:30 or so, just to help with avoiding traffic for people who have to travel against traffic in either direction.

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Uh, folks, it says in the poll "we will continue to move it around". The idea was just to see what type of venue people like most and which locations. Sorry if that was confusing.


Keeping the meetings close to the largest concentration of members makes sense. But there was no discussion of picking one single place for the meetings.


These comments are helpful! Thank you. (Keep 'em coming.)

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Sorry for not reading things closely enough!


I enjoyed the social aspect of the brew pub -- getting to chat in an informal setting was quite nice. However, it wasn't really conducive to a traditional meeting. Perhaps we can continue to meet in a setting like this from time to time, but use the time primarily as a way to get to know each other?


I prefer the library meeting rooms for the more standard overviews, announcements, discussions, etc.



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The formal format of the Libraries is good but this is supposed to be a "Family" friendly environment which last time I looked usually includes at least a few kids of assorted ages.

I feel Pyramid was actually better for the kids because the background noise is higher than at the library and the parents don't have to worry so much about a little noise.

The idea of changing day of the week for a meetings would be a welcome change especially for the meetings outside of the immediate Sea-Tac area. icon_smile.gif



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I've not been able to attend a meeting due only to a strange twist of fate. The *only* night meeting I attend for work is on the second Tuesday of the month ... so I can't make it to the WSGA meetings for that reason. If the day happens to change for WSGA meetings, I would pick the Kent Library and the Pyramid Alehouse (just cuz I'm a south-end gal), but I would also probably attend other meetings that require some commuting.


I was especially bummed to miss the Pyramid meeting, because it seemed like it would be fun and easy to hang out and chat with folks (and so it seems, based on people's comments!). Maybe next time!

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The Ale house was great because it was condusive to children and made the husband happy. I now know that I will be living in Gold Bar(just bought a house out there) so really Redmond is high on my list, but I am willing to drive a distance for a meeting just as I am for a cache.




Horizontals where it's at!

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I have voted for having not come to a meeting, except for the December meeting. My reason is because Tuseday nights at seven o'clock are usually already taken up. If it would be possible I would like the WSGA to consider moving this to another night? As for location I don't really care a whole lot, Kent would work better though. Thanks!


"Of all sad words of tounge and pen the saddest are these... It might have been."

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I would like to see alternate days.


Tuesday is my day off. That should make it easier to make it to a meeting. However alternate activities(skiing) tend to keep me occupied to late in the evening.


I would just like to see rotating days.



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