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Can't login to website

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I've been browsing geocaching.com as usual when suddenly got logged out from my account and can't log in back. When using username & password combination nothing happens and when trying to log in using facebook acc. I got an error saying "An unexpected error occurred. Please check your data and try again."

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It may be unrelated, but I got an email about half an hour ago saying that I had been awarded the latest Mary Hyde souvenir. Coincidence or causality?

Edit to add: Also, in IE11, avatar images are broken in the forum. They show up fine in Chrome, though.

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Yeah, now it's just intermittent for me.  I log in, I can see a couple things, and then I have to log in again.  I'm going to go do something else for a while and then come back to see if it's back later, because clearly right now it's not a good time to start trying to enter in new cache hides.

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I am also having the same problem. I am using PC Windows 10, google , and geocaching.com unable to verify. Changed password using Mac PC the Android and apple iphones required logging in again (worked fine). Back to PC Windows, deleted Google saved password for geocaching.com, went to geocaching.com , attempt to sign on (verified username), entered new password (no autofill by google and made sure new password is correct).  BAMMMM "Your password or username/email is incorrect".

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