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  1. I completed an adventure lab today, during the process of getting the coords for the final I had a wrong number, so I was trying to go back to see the stages. I accidentally clicked on a button that deleted the finds. How can I fix this?
  2. Will I still be credited with points for the caches I found today thinking the promotion was ending tonight? It still shows as 442 even though I found 4 mystery caches today meaning my point count should be moved up to 502!
  3. Same problem here. I found 4 mystery caches today because I knew I needed almost 60 more points to get to the 500 needed for the souvenirs and I checked my friend league score and it was the same as it was before I logged the caches, very nervous I missed the deadline even though I thought it wasn't for a few more hours!
  4. Yup, 505 error here to for the US too. I have to be at the spot in an hour that I hope to find multiple geocaches (but I may only get to find 1 that I DNF'd last week) I hope they bring the site back online, otherwise the Planetary Pursuit should be extended.
  5. I don't believe A robust server is going to do automatic website updates. Neither of those sites you gave links to says when they will bring the site back online.
  6. I'm having a problem where Premium Member only solved coordinates are not showing up on the map, but the posted coords are instead. This is a great idea when something isn't working right to try and log out of the app/site. Then log back in as if you were logging in from the device for the first time. Sometimes things just need to get refreshed. Maybe I should try this to fix the problem that I'm having.
  7. What does the "Status" say is the time the website will be back online?
  8. I'm heading out today to get more points for the Planetery Pursuit and there was no warning that the website would be down for a while today. Very upset if I'd known I would've gotten the coordinates ahead of time
  9. Certitude allows 10 attempts in a 10 minute period is correct, I didn't know that the solution checker was the same. Also, I'm curious as to why you would want to restore the posted coordinates if you had the corrected coordinates. That way you wouldn't have to solve it again as long as the coordinates remained the same.
  10. Honestly, in SOME scenarios the solution checker on the cache page is useful because you can see the options in front of you and if you miss one number you can try again. Typically other coord checkers give you at least 10 tries per day so the solution checker gives 10 tries in a certain period of time. In other scenerios where you have a puzzle that may include a keyword, you probably would use certitude for that. Or a puzzle involving multiple steps again another checker would do. I've noticed on a few newer puzzle caches in my area the solution checker is used for non-cipher puzzles and it is more convenient since once you get it right it will automatically insert the corrected coords for you. I believe the solution checker is mostly compatible for caches where you are given variables such as "final is at N 43 00.xyz W 077 45.910" because you can look up and down on the screen to check (like you would when entering coords in a GPS) instead of going from one page to another. I still would use other checkers for caches that use ciphers and note that the solution checker doesn't offer the keyword ability so you still would have to use another checker if the solution were a keyword, and/or if it included multiple steps.
  11. Looks like we have a Goodbye 2017 souvenir for New Years Eve by finding any cache or attending an event.
  12. I've tried this and still not working after 3 months.
  13. I'm having an issue where my computer shows I have an unzipped GPX file in the GPX folder of my GPS but when I turn the GPS on after disconnecting it from the computer the caches don't show up.
  14. Some parks require a 2-year permit and once its expired the cache is archived because of issues like these. If the park or location itself is OK that people need to create geotrails to get to a geocache then don't need to archive cache listings.
  15. I did that I wasn't saying I didn't click or not know what types counted but thanks for the clarification. I was just stating I didn't know WHICH cache I was going to find. I can always count on you to clarify the event information especially since its on your website!
  16. Others have mentioned upcoming International Geocaching Day on August 19. On the home page it says you can earn a souvenir. Wondering what cache I should find this saturday?
  17. There is a thread called "Found it = didn't find it" and it sounds like some of these stories fit into that category. There is a cacher that went with her family and logged a found it when the cache was gone and she didn't actually find it. I know its technically not logging a throwdown as a find, but still....
  18. I have been having this problem where I log in and it logs me out! today it logged me out and now I get a 500 server error! I hope its a weird bug going on and the website design experts are fixing this issue.
  19. Thats exactly what I do with my family they always go with me so if they end up finding a PMO I just copy the link to log and paste it in the other browser for them to log a find on the cache they did with me.
  20. All T4+ caches are T3+ and in my response to the OP I mentioned that I wouldn't include T3+ but looks like others would. Interesting... I agree PQs can be easy to do but I really like using the filters. I think the method you use is productive however.
  21. Do you use the "filters" feature at all? If you go to the home page to do a search, you can use the filters to find certain types of caches within a certain distance from the center of an area such as Denver. You can set it to be all caches less than Difficulty 3 and less than Terrain 3 since Difficulties and Terrains more will take more time to look for/find. Then you will get the list of caches that fit that criteria and you can "add" them to a bookmark list you can also add based on caches near a certain cache itself using a GC code. Also, if you need to fill in grids Project-GC may be able to help you find cache candidates and you can do all the caches in that area. I know this sounds difficult but I hope you try this, it seems to work for me anyways.
  22. Looks like its been fixed with the homepage looking different as well.
  23. Some may consider it a 'problem', while others may not. There are valid reasons to see caches at posted coords (geoart, cache icon overlapping) and also valid reasons to see caches at corrected coords (searching, proximity checking). I think that Groundspeak's implementation was an attempt to accommodate both sides, but obviously not everyone agrees with it. My hope is that the feature's implementation will be adjusted, preferably with a toggle option. In any case, this isn't a "bug". Well I liked seeing where the caches were that I solved without doing the PQs. So hopefully there will be an option for that and keep things the other way for those who don't want to see it. Anyways, its not necessarily a bug to some people, but we're supposed to be seeing where the caches corrected coords are on the map.
  24. As noncentric said, this isn't a bug, this is a new feature of the map on the website and app. If you have corrected coordinates entered for a cache, the icon will show at the corrected coordinates with a puzzle piece icon. Once you have found the cache it will turn into a smiley and will go back to the original coordinates. You can find the entire announcement here The problem is not all caches show on the map with the corrected coords (only some) and I agree with the OP that people should see caches at the corrected coordinates like we saw over the holiday weekend!
  25. Unfortunately, there was a cache that required people to send answers to a question because they placed a cache where the state keeps developing things for the state fair and the CO is unable to place a container now so its going to be archived if the owner doesn't find another location within 2 miles. In the case that the cache isn't being maintained and photo logs are the norm, thats definately not a traditional cache find. More of a "Visited a location." Tough scenarios exist I know, should I say more?
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