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  1. Keeps booting me out at every click. Took me 10 minutes just to log a cache.
  2. I agree, I tried the app but went back to a handheld gps. Battery was dead within a couple hours. Little bit more clunky to use a hand held when it comes to downloading gpx files but I've been doing that all along anyways. I may miss on "what's in the area" now feature a smart phone has but if I already know where I'm going then I will just download it to my gps ahead of time.
  3. Thanks for the help. Now I know were to start for a replacement..
  4. I have been using my Dakota 20 for about 5 years and today the button and the inner button fell out. So I am looking for a new gps that has similar features but not expensive. Any suggestions. I do not want to buy used. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just wondering if you can use the Send To GPS button using firefox to other brands of GPS's? I'm just curious.
  6. Hmm, my flag counter reset to 0. Is that a glitch or something.
  7. I think the OP question was to whether he could claim first to find. Since it was found already by someone else, then i would think that you would not be the first to find, whether the first finder logs it online or not.
  8. I don't know, but maybe I missed the memo, but I seem to be getting lots of video ads when I come to this site lately. Is it just me?
  9. The caches in question are GC564WB, GC564WT and GC1PX3A. The last visit on these 3 caches were dnf's. One within the last few months and one in 2012. I was curious as to how this automated email was initiated. Was it because the last log was a dnf? Did a certain amount of time pass since that dnf the reason for the email?
  10. I recieved 3 notifications today saying that 3 of my caches may need maintanence but when I check the 3 said caches, there was no Needs Maintanence logs. Is this normal?
  11. It would be fun to know the success rate of travelbugs that do reach their goal. Would be interesting.
  12. 10 out of 10 but a couple answers could have easily been another.
  13. We had 2 within a wild fire zone but after checking them out, they were spared although the surroundings weren't. Sad really.
  14. It is pointless to put out anymore tb's or coins. All you do is finance someone elses collection. We have 12 and the last time we heard from any of them was 2014 and it was an armchair discover. Never again will anybody get money from me to finance their collection.
  15. Caching for souvenirs, the game has certainly changed.
  16. FTF's are not a big deal to us. If we happen to get one then whatever. But it was good that he acknowledged you the way he did.
  17. I have one, it's cheap, easy to use and does what i need it to do. Battery life is good, gets satellites quickly. Paperless caching.
  18. We released a few and all went missing south of the border except for one, which went MIA in New Brunswick. We don't bother with TB's or coins anymore as far as releasing them. We don't want to help fund others Coin/TB collection.
  19. Who really cares how a person got 50000 plus cache finds. It's not a competition.
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