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Wanted: GPS for a beginner

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Originally posted by TitanJeff:

Thanks for the reply.


Will I regret going with the base model? I've seen those with the case around $116 new on Amazon.com.


But I've heard of others who said they wished they'd gone with something more advanced a few months later.


A lot of people do end up upgrading after they get a basic model to start with. Some discover the capabilites of a GPSr that can be used for other things and there are some features that make geocaching easier as you upgrade. But there are also a lot of people that use a yellow eTrex or a 315 exclusively. If you want to get started I would go with the basic model and worry about upgrading later. Personally i prefer the Magellans for my own reasons. But any Garmin or Magellan is fine and the Lowrance ifinders arrear to be good units too but I have never seen one used.




My other cachemobile is a broom!

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I'd endorse what Eeyore said. While there is a good chance you'll outgrow a base model, you don't really know--until you use one for a while--what it is you really want. I bought a used etrex Venture at the beginning of summer, and I just hopped up to a Meridian Platinum for the feature/cost combo that worked best for me. I should be able to sell the Venture for close to what I paid for it, the Plat came *way* down in price over the last few months, and I learned enough to know that was the GPSr for me.


(Wanna buy a used Venture?) icon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by TitanJeff:

I read in one of these forums some concerns over the 310. I didn't understand the problem though. Anyone know the reason for any concern?


Without the extra decimal place, it is pretty much useless for geocaching.


The 315 doesn't suffer from this.


"A good compromise leaves everybody mad." - Calvin

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I would definitely go with the yellow Garmin Etrex, you can find it for a hundred bucks easily and possibly for less. That's what I did, and when I wanted to upgrade, I went and sold it on E-bay for how much? 99 bucks. Yeah, I didn't regret buying the cheap one a bit, cuz I got almost every cent back! I'd be willing to bet that you could do the same thing, keep the box and all the manuals, that way people would be more likely to buy it.

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Originally posted by TitanJeff:

I'm thinking a E-trex or Magellan 315. Something that will get me and the kids going for less than $80.


I'm also open to suggestions as I am just starting out. Thanks in advance!




One of the cachers in this area who also has over 400 find uses both those models. One is hooked up to a laptop with a mapping program, and the other one he uses when he gets there. Have you checked at Target for the Etrex. I looked at them at our local store the other day they wanted $79.00 for the yellow one.


My wife says put a coordinate on it and I'll find it.

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I may want to purcase the 315 from you if it is still for sale-the used one..


Originally posted by Night Tracker:

I'll sell one NIB with warranty card for 100.00 plus shipping. Or my personal unit used for 85.00

plus shipping. Both have been updated to v3.15.

both come with Datasend CD and PC cord, owners book and fresh AAs.

The used one has found over 100 caches...

I bought a Maridian Gold but plan to keep one of the 315s...


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My thoughts on the "How much should I spend?" issue.


I have a Garmin Etrex. The only reason I bought a GPS was because I saw a car with a "www.geocaching.com" sticker in the back window. I went to the site and I was hooked! Bought the least expensive GPS I could find and I have been pleased as punch. Bear in mimd that I had no interest in owning a GPS unit before I read about Geocaching.


The Etrex has been fine for my needs. The more I use this site, the more I realize that I can get map data to get close enough to switch to the GPS and not have to worry about road maps. And the more caches you do, the more you realize that no unit is going to tell you about that bramble patch. icon_wink.gif


If you just want to Geocache, save your money and get a basic GPS. If you outgrow it, you can always sell it here at not much less than you paid for it. I have no immediate upgrade plans but, as I've said, I only use it for 'caching.

And these are not in wilderness conditions.


As always, your mileage may vary.


Take care,



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I recently bid on e-bay for (five) new yellow e-trex GPSs -- finally was high bidder at $81 plus $10 S&H. Have only searched for (and found) one cache so far but it is an awesome li'l feller and I am sure it will be a while before I am ready to upgrade (if ever). Highly recommend! My boss is a short-wave radio fan, and has told me that after all his research, this is his choice also!

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Originally posted by Night Tracker:

GPScache, you have mail...


He did it! He did it! Night Tracker sold me his Magellan 315 for $80 plus $10 shipping and it came in one piece and also in fantastic shape! He sent in in a finally wrapped package complete with instructions, cables and software and also he extended $7.80 extra in shipping. He was very polite and friendly and and all around good guy to do business with. If you have any business to do with him.. I highly recommend you contact him immediately!

Sincerly, and happy holidays,

GPSCache and his Mom.

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