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Favourite or Funniest Cache Names

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Caches can be great or rubbish, as we know, but the thought that goes into the listing for even a dodgy hide can be brilliant. One of my favourite things is finding (or hiding!) one with a clever, funny or otherwise memorable-for-good-reasons name. Do you have one or more which makes you smile? Nothing that's only funny/clever once you've found the cache please - we don't want any spoilers :)

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OK... I just looked through our cache finds to see what I could find.


I haven't found any rip-roaringly hilarious cache names but some I enjoyed are


Piglet's ill, but Winnie's well


Virtuous but "poore and inconsiderable"


We come in piece


Can I see Uranus?


The BIGGEST curler in Perth


Elvis lives! - "Wooden Art"


Well choughed


The end (and more) is in sight


There are quite a few cache titles where you don't get the joke until you actually visit the cache location and the name itself is not particularly funny.


MrsB :)

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