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Moving avatars

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I guess it must be my multi-facetted personality. :unsure:


The first time I saw this phee no meena a few weeks back I just couldn't believe what I was seeeing... I refreshed the page... and all was OK again... So I thought, "You're losing it, gal."


Then I noticed it again...


Then again... and decided that I'd better get some snips to prove it was happening!


Seeing Aggrajag's comments in the other topic made me realise that we're not the only ones suffering from Wandering Autonomous Avatar Syndrome.



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I've also seen this recently when looking at someone's profile late at night. He has a number of badges from completing various cache series - one of which had changed into our avatar. I looked again in the morning and it was back to normal so I wondered if I had been dreaming. Tried again in the evening and it was our avatar again.

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