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Sweden Geocoin


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Hi all!


I want to send you a greeting from Sweden! A couple of coins on the same theme has been done here, but I want to share the photos on the samples from an upcoming coin I made together with Aaron at Coinsandpins.com.


The coin is minting right now and will be delivered in approx three weeks from now. The production is in two metals,antique bronze (with silver plating on the back) and antique silver (with gold plating on the back side). Each metal will be made with five different, transcluent, enamels on the front (red, green, purple, blue, dark blue).


I have the first version of the samples in my hand (the ones with the rough structure in the 3D-map). The new version (the light blue) is the version that will be sold. I do think they have done a fantastic job with the 3D-map!


The backside shows plated 3D-version of typical things for Sweden. The "dala horse", the royal crown, a viking ship and of course a moose.


The coin is 2" wide and 3,5mm thick. (Weight 62gram each for those samples I got)


SE-prefix and own icon (not ready yet).


Export price (outside EU) will be approx USD 13,50 plus freight. If someone is interested, send me a PM as my webshop isn´t set up for export yet.


I also appreciate any comments and suggestions...




The first samples (dark blue/antique bronze and red/antique silver)with the old version of 3D-map:





The final layout on the 3D-map (blue version on antique bronze):



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Very nice job on your coins. I must say you are doing Sweden proud!


Ooohhh! You made me blush! :)


I have seen so many beautiful coins here that I was quite anxious when I posted mine. I really hope the cachers here in Sweden will welcome it too.... As it is a rather expensive production I had to order a lot of these to keep the cost down for each coin. I have ordered 50 coins of each of the ten different versions. Those 500 ruined my bank account....



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I really like that design! I will need to buy at least one. Hopefully the shipping will not kill me.


Shipping cost for standard mail (no insurance): 100g USD 4, 250gram USD 9, 500gram USD 13.5


This will make: 1 coin USD 4, 2-3 coins USD 9, 4-7coins USD 13.5


I´m calculating of the fact that the sample coins weight 62gram and the bubble envelope is 10 grams.


Sorry for the expensive shipping but the coin is heavy weight.

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Nice design and the last version looks really good. In my opinion it would look even better without the three cities. Nevertheless, I have already put the coin on my wishlist. What about shipping within Europe? You mention a shop, is there a link?


I choosed to have the three biggest cities om the map. Maybe you are right about not having the cities at all. Some people wants to have a city up in the north, too... But, then it´s hard to choose because on the toplist there are no big cities up north until place number 12 or something like that.


Link to the shop is sent in email as I suppose I´m not allowed to post it here(?).


At the moment I only have 5pcs-set up for sale in the shop. If someone is interested in single coins you have to send me a PM or email at the moment.





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I like the light blue one - do you know when these will be ready?




I just got message that the coins has been shipped from the minting today! :D


With a little luck I will have them on tuesday.... only four days from now! (keep my fingers crossed that they are as nice as the picture I have got)


If you want, I can take photos of the different versions and post it here as soon they have arrived.



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Hello all!


Sorry for late answer! I have been (and still is) sick in a pneumonia....


Here are some of the first pictures of the shipment:






I hope to be able to email all of you who showed interest in this coin and ask if you want them. All of you who emailed me have coins reserved for you.


I hope to get the emails out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!



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