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  1. Hello all! Sorry for late answer! I have been (and still is) sick in a pneumonia.... Here are some of the first pictures of the shipment: I hope to be able to email all of you who showed interest in this coin and ask if you want them. All of you who emailed me have coins reserved for you. I hope to get the emails out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! //Pia
  2. Hi! I just got message that the coins has been shipped from the minting today! With a little luck I will have them on tuesday.... only four days from now! (keep my fingers crossed that they are as nice as the picture I have got) If you want, I can take photos of the different versions and post it here as soon they have arrived. //Pia
  3. I choosed to have the three biggest cities om the map. Maybe you are right about not having the cities at all. Some people wants to have a city up in the north, too... But, then it´s hard to choose because on the toplist there are no big cities up north until place number 12 or something like that. Link to the shop is sent in email as I suppose I´m not allowed to post it here(?). At the moment I only have 5pcs-set up for sale in the shop. If someone is interested in single coins you have to send me a PM or email at the moment. Thanks, Pia
  4. Shipping cost for standard mail (no insurance): 100g USD 4, 250gram USD 9, 500gram USD 13.5 This will make: 1 coin USD 4, 2-3 coins USD 9, 4-7coins USD 13.5 I´m calculating of the fact that the sample coins weight 62gram and the bubble envelope is 10 grams. Sorry for the expensive shipping but the coin is heavy weight.
  5. Ooohhh! You made me blush! I have seen so many beautiful coins here that I was quite anxious when I posted mine. I really hope the cachers here in Sweden will welcome it too.... As it is a rather expensive production I had to order a lot of these to keep the cost down for each coin. I have ordered 50 coins of each of the ten different versions. Those 500 ruined my bank account.... //Pia
  6. Hi all! I want to send you a greeting from Sweden! A couple of coins on the same theme has been done here, but I want to share the photos on the samples from an upcoming coin I made together with Aaron at Coinsandpins.com. The coin is minting right now and will be delivered in approx three weeks from now. The production is in two metals,antique bronze (with silver plating on the back) and antique silver (with gold plating on the back side). Each metal will be made with five different, transcluent, enamels on the front (red, green, purple, blue, dark blue). I have the first version of the samples in my hand (the ones with the rough structure in the 3D-map). The new version (the light blue) is the version that will be sold. I do think they have done a fantastic job with the 3D-map! The backside shows plated 3D-version of typical things for Sweden. The "dala horse", the royal crown, a viking ship and of course a moose. The coin is 2" wide and 3,5mm thick. (Weight 62gram each for those samples I got) SE-prefix and own icon (not ready yet). Export price (outside EU) will be approx USD 13,50 plus freight. If someone is interested, send me a PM as my webshop isn´t set up for export yet. I also appreciate any comments and suggestions... //Pia The first samples (dark blue/antique bronze and red/antique silver)with the old version of 3D-map: The final layout on the 3D-map (blue version on antique bronze):
  7. Correct, but it is still USD 14.4. And I do think here is no interest of a local coin from Sweden (unless you have relatives here). I posted it to let you see it, not for trying to sell it. //Pia
  8. Hi all! I just want to share some photos of a coin that we made for the cachers of the southest part of Sweden. On the front there are a map of the region. On the back there are 3D-figures (in two-tone) of our region flower, our region animal (deer) and two landmarks as the building "Turning Torso" and "Öresundsbron". In the middle we put the coat of arms for the region. The final artwork is done by Aaron on Coinsandpins.com and I do think it turned out to be a beautiful coin. The "antique silver/polished gold"-version is sold for fundraising to our biggest event down here in south Sweden. The "Antique bronze/silver"-version is sold only to cachers in Skåne and finally the "Black nickel/silver"-version is sold to everyone who wants to buy it;) According to our Swedish taxes, this coin will be too expensive to export (Approx 18 USD), but I liked them so much that I wanted you to see them anyway. //Pia
  9. Actually, this person uses multiple accounts for hiding and finding caches in several countries.... He also have logged caches (which he has hidden with one account) with another of his accounts. Apparently another way to raise the logs on his caches....
  10. For sure you can see who has visited your PO-cache. For each alias you can see "date for first visit", "number of visits" and "time for last visit". But, you are correct about not been able to see who has it on their watch-list. I have caches with approx ten pages of visitors.... and I can see all the information above. But, for sure I would not email them with information/questions just because they made visits on my cachepage. It´s a privilege to see the information I listed, but a CO should be careful to use this information. It´s integrity!
  11. It might depend on what´s in the email and why this person is monitoring who is just looking at a geocache decription As an owner of some PO-caches I will certainely NOT contact cachers because they make a visit on my cachepage! From what I heard.... You just visited the cache (PO) because you have seen that it has been archived. And a few minutes later you got an email från the cacheowner regarding the cache and your (only?) visit on the cachepage. Is this correct? Then.... I would have found that behaviour very annoying (and stressing). Probably I would avoid the caches from this person in the future. Owning a PO-cache does NOT automatically give you the rights to contact the visitors! Just monitoring, and everything else seems to give the PO-caches bad reputation!
  12. Hi! That coin is made by www.coinsandpins.com (but their site is down at the moment). The activation is here: http://coincodes.com/activations/Birthday/...ay-multiple.php // Pia
  13. The site seems to be down. According to the newsletter to all distributors (dated 25th of dec), Aaron hoped to have the site up and running by the third week of January. So, we all have to be more patience for a while. // Pia
  14. Thanks! The red glitter and yellow is available at www.geoswag.com now on their presale-page. The silver glitter, blue glitter and plain red is available att www.geoshopsweden.com But, it´s expensive to buy from Sweden because of our sales tax // Pia
  15. Oakcoins got invaded by Corvettes today A lot of them are being forwarded to Sweden today... Oakcoins/geoswag are going to sell the red glitter/silver and yellow/black nickel. All versions on picture will be available from me as soon as the shipment arrives (approx 17th of dec) to my geoshop. Because of the Swedish taxes it´s more expensive to buy from me, though PM for swedish sales link. The size is 42mm * 20mm
  16. Sorry to be unclear.... Oakcoins/geoswag will sell yellow/black nickel and red glitter/gold I will sell silver glitter/black nickel (AE), red/silver, blue glitter/gold plus the two versions that oakcoins/geoswag makes for themselves. Depending on the response on this one, we maybe go for more "oldies" // Pia
  17. Hi all! I´m new in this forum, but I have read here for a while. Now I would like to introduce a coin that is very special for me. Almost since I was 18 years or so, one of my hottest dreams was to own a Corvette (with the C3 chassi, also known as "mako shark" and "stingray"). Together with Emma at Oakcoins, I first worked out an event coin for Swedens biggest event. I got a lot of help and the coin was very nice. Thanks! Then I started to work with the Corvette coin. A lot of emails, drawings and re-drawings later.... the coin is at the mint right now and are supposed to arrive soon! Here comes (not so good) pictures of the samples: This one is a partner coin together with Oakcoins. They will make a yellow corvette on black nickel (picture shows yellow/gold) and a red metallic/gold and sell them at Geoswag. As soon they are ready, I´m sure Emma will post a link (and the price). For my own, I choosed the silver glitter/black nickel as AE. Oakcoins will also make the red/silver and blue glitter/gold (picture shows blue glitter/silver). I hope You all like this one as much as I do.... Maybe give your beloved one a "dream car" for a christmas present? // Pia
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