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newbie cacher planning a cache series...

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I had written a very long waffly post explaining the background, but then reconsidered and figured you'd get bored before the end so, in short....


I'd like to set up our first caches and am planning a themed cache series based on a local village. We like doing circular walks, as we've done a couple and found them fun. However the public footpaths are just not in the right places! in order to make up the circle, some of the walk would be on the road (mostly yellow roads on os map, but with grassy verges in places).


Would having part of a circular walk on the road put you off doing the cache series? the roads can be viewed on google street view, so people could check it out before visiting.


thanks :)

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Personally I don't mind a bit on roads but I prefer it if there isn't too much. Trying to juggle the dog on a lead and a GPS ceases to be fun quite quickly, it's much easier on a footpath where I can let her roam!

Yup, for reasons similar to The Patrician, we too have a dog and ours doesn't like traffic to boot.


Things we would want to know are: Are there any pavements? Is the road very busy/fast? What percentage would be on these roads? Will the rest of the series be soooo enjoyable, it would make up for the grim roadie bits ? The answers to these questions would determine our opinion but worst case scenario....I imagine it would be avoided or at the very least, tricky with young children. Some true grit rural cachers would probably avoid it too. It wouldn't stop us but we certainly wouldn't enjoy it as much as a fully rural set.

Good luck with it anyway.

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Wouldn't bother me at all but at the moment we have no children or dogs and are quite capable of looking after ourselves on the roads!

Yes, agree with that. Lots of the circular walks we've done have a bit of a road walk and as long as it's mentioned at the start, it doesn't cause any concern to the likes of us babyless and dogless old fogeys :laughing:

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For me it's one thing to be considered. We look at all sorts of factors when deciding where to go, and one of those things is the distance to be covered on road. It's just a perverse preference for ploughing through mud, nettles, brambles, cowpats, through gates, over rickety stiles, through fields of cows and horses, up steep hills etc., compared to easy walking on a flat surface. Mind you, if I'm really knackered occasionally the road sections come as a bit of a relief :lol: .


So we wouldn't rule it out, but if another walk was equal in other respects we would usually choose the one with the least road.


Rgds, Andy

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I've done cache walks with children that have taken us along 'green lanes' which are slow country roads you might expect to find some farm traffic, walkers, horses, etc and locals know to avoid or drive very slowly around blind bends. They were great, and the extension of the walk made it much more interesting. That said, it's still important to at least have a verge to hop onto beside the road. that way, if a family with small children and dogs does the trail who don't have much experience of country roads (or a speeding driver comes past, for that matter) you know the people have a chance to get out of the way.


There are some quite nice paths near here that don't join up unless you walk along a pavement by a very busy road, and so I won't put a cache circuit just there because it's spoilt by all the fast traffic and noise.

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I like roads, if there isn't much traffic. They're great for biking!




But wont it hurt more when you fall of your bike?




I was on a road last time I fell off my bike, but fortunately, I landed on something soft.


A bed of nettles.


My left arm was tingling for the next two days.

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thanks for all the comments :)


the route won't be possible for buggies as the off road bits are a bit too off roady and have stiles. As for juggling the gps and the dog lead, I hadn't thought of that (we lost our dog this spring before we started caching, feels odd to be out walking in the country without her :( ) I think I'll aim not to have the caches on the offroad bits rather than next to the road, that way the gps can be in a pocket while next to the road :)


off to sort out some containers now :)

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