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  1. We are having a bit of trouble with our cache at the natural history museum, The Wonder of Waterhouse. There have been several changes of the exhibits and therefore a few of the clues are not available. The trouble is that we both work in Surrey and are always busy at weekends. So it is difficult to get to the museum to work out new numbers. We were wondering if there were any London cachers out there who might like to adopt this very popular cache rather than us archiving it?
  2. Way hey! It has worked from zarbi's laptop but not from my Nexus 7!? How odd, I've done it from that before. Thanks for your help Pie man ☺
  3. Nope! Thought that and changed it to the topo thingy which doesn't work either! Grrrr!
  4. We have tried to download a pocket query this evening but it has not come through as a zip file. Have redone it and the same thing happens. They are not GPS exchange files either. We have been downloading PQs for years and have never had a problem. Help somebody please!!
  5. We rarely even look at puzzle cache pages as we don't seem to have the brain power, or the right sort of brain power, to have any idea how to solve them! Our rule is never to ask for help We also always cache alone, it's just the way we prefer to play the game and we have never phoned a friend. (The fact that we don't have anyone's phone number is neither here nor there!) As others have said, we all play the game differently.
  6. Just my two pennys worth. If the log is sodden, I put it in a sealed plastic bag, wipe out the box and put in a new log book in a plastic bag, leaving the old one in there. Then the CO can not complain as they could come and get the old log. I always think of the next cacher coming by, who may not carry a first aid caching kit and who would want to sign the log book. I have only ever replaced a container when it was a split film canister, which I replaced with a whole film canister. I also carry a bag of swapsies and usually put something in a large enough cache regardless of whether I take anything out. It is just consideration for the next cacher, especially if they have children. P.S. We only cache together, have rarely been to events and therefore do not know other COs. Chrissy (zarbibird)
  7. Ah, you obviously haven't found our Wonder of Waterhouse cache then It's a regular and a good place to drop TBs.
  8. I must admit to being really OCD about signing the log in the 'right' place. If you're following a series, it's interesting if the cacher before you doesn't sign the log (presumably DNF'd it) or suddenly there's another cacher's name on one or two logs, then never again. Makes for interesting tales, we take it in turns to make up stranger, scarier stories about what could have happened to him/her/them! Ok, perhaps that's just us Anyway, I still think you should sign in the 'right' place!
  9. Yes, we've noticed a dramatic increase in the plant this year. Along with a dramatic decrease in the cinnabar moth caterpillars that do such a good job in eating it! In fact we have only seen three of the caterpillars this year! Surely it is down to the ridiculously wet spring/summer. The number of moths and butterflies are paltry compared to other years.
  10. This smiling Soay sheep was on Lundy Island GCKDKA It has 15 fav points.
  11. We've sent 9 trackables out into the big wide world and only one is still going strong. Most have lasted less than a year before being stolen Some people may kindly say misplaced/forgotten etc. Not me though. Anyway, lesson learnt. We will not be releasing any more trackables but will always help others on their way Chrissy
  12. So who is caching nearer home than they would like this weekend in order to preserve the petrol in their tank that they queued so long and hard to get?!!
  13. Thank you for your kind words everybody! I realise how very, very lucky I am to have such a kind, generous son (and daughter-in-law-to-be!). We are off on holiday on 19th August! I can hardly wait, it will be such a special time. I hope this may have planted a seed to anybody else planning a surprise for their loved ones, it really was a great idea to hide it in a cache.
  14. We did a cache yesterday with our son and his fiancee. In one of the caches, I found the very best thing I could ever have found. I was speechless for several minutes, no mean feat for me! Have a look Chrissy (zarbibird)
  15. Thanks for posting these two articles, they were both really good!
  16. Absolutely agree! Whatever happened to goodwill to all mankind?
  17. We've also been told we don't look like cachers because we carry rucksacs and binoculars! We don't care because then we don't look too suspicious when hunting around in the countryside.....maybe. However, we probably look a little bit odd when we're caching in towns
  18. Whatever tickles your fancy MrsB. And I'm pretty sure they would! Tickle your fancy, that is!
  19. Plus, it's my birthday, which I'll be celebrating at the BBH event. Spooky! It's MY birthday too!!! Chrissy (zarbibird)
  20. You'll probably have to go into each of your notifications and edit the base-point co-ords for each one. Thank you! Done that, so fingers crossed it'll work
  21. Hello everybody! We moved house a couple of weeks ago and have changed our address on our profile. Our 'nearest to home' caches are indeed nearest to our new home but we are getting notifications of new caches that are near to our old address, not our new one What can I do to ammend this? Thanks! Chrissy
  22. The special school I am working at had 3 very active wasp nests in the eaves when we returned after the summer hols So although they seemed slow to appear this year, we have noticed more wasps around this summer than usual.
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