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New August Sale!


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Ok I have 12 grab bags ready to go. I have designed a bunch of coins in the last years, and have many extras of my designs. These are all recent coins. There are no duplicates. Add to your collection or get some great traders! I'll also throw in a my micro coin as a freebie!


You get:

at least 2 limited edition or artist edition coins

at least 1 future coin

at least 1 coin and matching pin


Price is $44.00 shipped (with tracking and insurance). Overseas I will have to send two packages for ($8.00) shipped.


Email me through my profile for payment options. First come, first served.

I have already made up the grab bags so I can't pick and choose coins for you (that's what trading is for!)




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Could I get a little help identifying them please?


Grab Bag 1



Arabian Nights AE

Celtic Circle of Life: blue (soul)

Egyptian Anhk club may

atlantis lost continent

macaw patu black nickel LE


Grab Bag 2



Arabian Nights AE

Celtic Circle of Life: purple (body)

june club coin with pin

atlantis lost continent AE

macaw marvin black nickel LE

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Since these seem popular I made up another 10 grab bags, they are slightly different. The coins offered are similar (such as a different astro clock, a couple are the same, but no pins). Since I shipped all the last packages with insurance, the price is $45.00 shipped (with insurance) for a total of 5 coins. One of these is my personal avroair micro which is an added gift. I prefer a check or paypal. Shipping to a foreign country is an additional $4.00


The grab bag packages contain 4 coins:

all 4 coins are trackable

all 4 coins have unique icons

at least 1 Artist Edition version coin

at least 1 limited edition

no duplicates

no requests, the bags are already made up


The coins available to make the bags from:

astronomical clocks

assassin's respite

diving helmet

Atlantis lost continent

4 musketeers

crop circle

venetian mask

Arabian nights

Cache of the Titans Medusa

Cougar Mountain Macaw

Chess: check mate

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Got my grab bag today :D


Very nice - got some geocoins I was after for my collection out of it:

Macaw Black Nickel (event version)

Assassin's Respite (black, white and red version)

Diving helmet LE

Arabian Nights (Artist Edition?)


Avroair personal --- 2009 (antique copper)


Many thanks Mark! :)


Now... just need to nab some astronomical clocks!

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