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Countdown to the Geolympix!

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Yes dogfort, I believe it will be held annually in a different country every year (or four years) depending on what Groundspeak think about the concept, having now seen one and how it operates.


I would like to extend and my gratitude and thanks to Paul and the rest of the team for all their hard work - best event I've been to yet :D

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OK, so we've got a nice Geolymix Souvenir as well



The Geolympix Mega: Oxford 2012 held its first annual event at Oxford Town Hall in Oxford, UK.





Groundspeak must know something we don't, lol! I've no current plans to run another, fun though it was, but as Griff Grof (lovely to meet you, young sir) says, we're hoping Groundspeak will take the concept, which we first profered in September 2012, forward. They'd said they wanted to see one in action and since Bryan attended, they've done that first-hand now. I'm working on a list of criteria for Groundspeak too, outlining in more depth what makes a 'Geolympix' (or whatever they may choose to call the events) and explaining why we believe the time is right for an International annual event, with its own icon, which addresses some of the US-centric perception of caching by roving the globe and giving people a reason to visit somewhere they might not otherwise go, in the true spirit of caching.


Without getting evangelical, the first Mega was in 2005; seven years ago. The game is ten-time or more bigger now. While an Event might be regarded as a local thing, bringing cachers 40 miles on average, and a Mega might be a national event with a 400 mile draw, there should be another step up - an international event with a 4000+ mile appeal. That's the Geolympix Dream :)


Regarding the event itself, the sun came out at the start of the programme and vanished at the end (clearly a sign!) and it seems everyone had a great time with our various challenges, events, games and assorted Geo-stuff. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who had faith in the organising team to pre-register, post a Will Attend, visit, take part in the 11-in-11 challenge and/or FTFrenzy, buy a Geocoin or two, invest in one of our funky T-shirts or hoodies, play a game or take part in the Raffle. Thanks too to everyone who helped on the day - a long list, who will be rewarded for all their amazing efforts! - and our exhibitors who made Oxford Town Hall a must-be spot. Also massive thanks to Graculus and Long Man for their Reviewer Q&A session, all others who gave talks, our supportive sponsors (see list on our website. All good eggs) and so on. I don't want to be cut off like Adele but thanks for the thanks folks and I-

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How would you know? Your name's not on the Geolympix logbook; I checked :P


I'm hearing on the Facebook Forum that Bryan and Groundspeak are looking at Giga events (2,500+ cachers) which wouldn't include ours, but he's also keen to revisit the Geolympix Global Roving Event idea, so we may have news before too long. If we're the first, the 11 in 11 challenge still worked :)

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...... we're hoping Groundspeak will take the concept, which we first profered in September 2012, forward.
Simply Who, perchance???
Thanks for that Typo-Spot. I did mean 2010. It'd been a busy week :P

Brazil's A.P.E cache being 'not far' from the 2016 Olympics might get some more cachers out there. Not sure where the closest webcam cache is though :)

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