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  1. Here's one that fits the bill, a bit further north though :Handel with Care
  2. Definitely use Talkytoaster, we have cached and walked in Ireland with these loaded on our Garmin, much more detailed than the basemap.
  3. We took talky toaster to Eire on our Oregons , they worked perfectly , no need to pay for any others.
  4. Come to Moira , just over the border in Leicestershire, you can do several series from here E.G see the GCC series. If you want to go a bit further and really want the numbers, search for any series by Poshrule, also they are good walks.
  5. Choose any cache in an area you want to visit. From the cache listing select "all nearby caches" At the top of the list of caches select "map this location" If the cache icons on the map look like a series , they probably are. If they are not an official series, make up your own route and turn them into a series.
  6. There are a number of regular events around the midlands, here are a couple coming up : GeMs Easter breakfast 10 years later Also search for "the dragonlady invites" or "GeMs" or "EMCache" Don't forget the West Midlands Mega in August : Mega 2013
  7. We once did a caching walk in a village near Whitby. we parked up in a carpark that was shared between the pub and the village hall, it looked like it was a community facility. As we left the pub landlord appeared and very aggresively demanded that we move the car. It certainly meant we didn't use the pub at the end of the walk. When we returned just before opening time the carpark was as empty as when we started.
  8. That's great. Does this online voucher have a link? Sure : vouchers Other voucher sites are available.
  9. We just bought 2 of the P7/P3 packs from Maplin. We found an online voucher and got another £7 of. Great value. We used them for a night caching walk in Telford Town park, really don't think we needed anything brighter.
  10. We had a great time from the mad flashmob at 08:00 to the evening CITO where we cleaned up one of the cleanest parks in the country and accomplished the 11/11 challenge, with lots of caching as we criss-crossed Oxford in-between. Many thanks Paul and everyone who organised the day
  11. Peartree Park and Ride This is the one we will be using, every 15 minutes from 8:30 on Sunday.
  12. Unfortunately you still won't get OS maps whichever option you choose uness you use Chrome instead of Explorer. Unless someone can show me an option that I haven't found.
  13. I just get directed to an indexs site that says cacherstats does not exist. I see the same question is being asked on the American main forum as well, no-one has an answer there either.
  14. There are NT caches at Calke Abbey set by a ranger who also ran a geocaching appreciation event. I also remember doing some NT approved caches on a circular walk around Tytensfield.
  15. MyGeocachingProfile.com Try this site, all sorts of lovely stats and maps inclusing UK counties.
  16. We are just watching time team dig up the lost village of Kenfig. A lot of us will have walked through the site during Mega Wales and the pre-event - Mollyjaks Sand and Sarnies . We remember a cache under a tree right where they were digging.
  17. Or come to the National Forest : 0.0684% Chance
  18. Very annoying when you try to go paperless. We always set our series' with the part of the name that changes at the front. See The Grizzly's Conkers Circuit, GCC1 to GCC8.
  19. We started looking after our 3 bears + ONE bear for a friend of ours... we ended up with a bear crèche!!!! But it was a teddy bears' picnic all the humans went off on a treasure hunt.. we even took 3 bears back to the caravan for tea as they were not 'claimed' in time they were re-united later We always go with a Grizzly. The third member of our team, 'Toffee' middle front of the picture spent a nice couple of hours with the fuzzies and friends.
  20. We only heard about this card recently, but when we tried to apply for one in blacks a couple of weeks ago they told us it was discontinued. So we had to rely on Mrs G's guiding membership card. The answer is to marry a scout or guide leader.
  21. You are lucky, from Scarborough you can cache from town to coast to countryside by foot cycle or car on a single route. Coast and Countryside are the best though.
  22. We had 2 doggy incidents this weekend: 1. Large chocolate labrador circles us growling and barking. Owner says 'I don't think he likes the walking poles' and calls him away before I can demonstrate a pole on the nose. 2. A large indeterminate dog charges towards us barking. Owner says 'its alright he just has a loud bark' .
  23. Mrs Grizzly - good for distracting dogs and cattle- they can always recognise the fear, and as a decoy for all sorts of biting insects.
  24. "Extra toilet facilities have been drafted in, and an overflow field has been opened up just in case" Blimey , I knew that Piratemania could get a bit wild, but please excercise some control. Best Wishes for the event.
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