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  1. We love walking in the Coteswolds - but its not the area where we live - we went over there specifically to place a TB that we had picked up just before Christmas. I must confess to finding it difficult to navigate round the cachewalker site. Hi, I'm an admin on the CacheWalker site. May I ask what you found difficult? Did you log in on a mobile/tablet which may have redirected you to the mobile version? If this was the case, there's an option to switch to the desktop version at the bottom of the page. (Scroll down as far as you can go, then on the bottom right click "full site") Thanks in advance for letting me know - feel free to sign up on the site and join in or ask questions about caching in this area - you could try logging on to CacheWalker on a computer too You'll find details of our next event on the site, which is on 15th Feb at the Snowshill Arms - a social evening with a game of skittles!
  2. Unfortunately this forum was closed a couple of weeks ago. My thanks go to Ian for keeping it running so long, and so well, and for creating a brilliant forum for cachers all around - I'll miss visiting it.
  3. I love Cataluña and we are likely to be going on holiday there this summer anyway, will see if we can work the dates out Looks like a good event, and hope we can make it!
  4. If you're only interested in the numbers then sooner or later you'll most likely get bored of hikes being interrupted by a film pot at the base of a post every 528 feet. There's really no way to tell from a map whether you'll enjoy a walk or not - truth be told if all you want to do is find more caches than someone else then head to an urban area and pick off film pots and nanos by the bucketload, or jump on a bicycle and cover the ground between them faster or some such. If you really want to play the numbers games then the only thing to do is look at the map to find where there are lots of caches close together, do the walk, and accept that you may not like the walk but you'll find a bunch of film pots along the way. If your focus is on just finding as many caches as possible as fast as possible you have to accept you're not going to be giving yourself the time to appreciate each individual cache - you'll just be signing it, replacing it and pressing on as fast as you can to get the finds in. I take it you don't like film pots. Surely it's the walk to/from the cache rather than the cache container that brings enjoyment to most. Ditto CacheWalker is back online - and the walks we've posted are only ones that we've enjoyed - most only have 4 or 5 caches on a 10 mile walk, for example For me, it is also about QUALITY not QUANTITY
  5. Local caching groups include CacheWalker (forum currently down, but back within 24hrs) and Cotswold Caching - welcome to the area, it really is a stunning one, which I truly love - make sure you check out Geocaches by wrighty
  6. cool site is down at the minute but will be back for agood look around thanks Yes, sorry about that, it's out of our hands, and will be back in 24-48 hours, as the hosting service says - first time this has EVER happened... But you can still browse some of the walks and read further on our website , which will also keep you up to date with movements to the forum...
  7. CacheWalker! A group of cachers mostly based in Gloucestershire/Warwickshire/Worcestershire and beyond, who prefer caching by byway not highway! We often hold events in that area with a pre-event group walk with new caches too! Our website maps walks posted by members, mostly on the forum, (which you can join and find out more about CW) and are listed on the website for reference. Follow the links from the map to find the posted walk description, directions and even photos, plus links to any caches on the way! Hope that will be of some help!
  8. Not as active as we once were? We're more active than ever, in six months we've posted more posts on our new forum than we ever did on our old forums, and we are organizing much more events now - already three this year, and the fourth is currently awaiting publication Please feel free to join the forum, we have several members from your area
  9. I think that the profits should go to charities as stated
  10. Like HH, check for sure that it's not there. Then if it's not, post a NA log. However, if the location is nice, I'd maybe hide a new cache of my own there... Not in exactly the same spot though, as obviously, if it is missing, it is a high muggle area.
  11. Cotswold Caching A new forum group for cachers in the Cotswolds - feel free to join in by clicking here - Click
  12. What a shame! And shock! emCache was the model Geocaching community, it was always active, and always seemed friendly to me. People argue, they make up. It is a huge shame that this has happened! I don't really know what's behind this, but it is a shame! Thank you to Tim for setting it all up and for your hard work, along with Bobbinz. Well done for walking out with your heads held high, even if it meant shutting the site down. GG
  13. No. Caches are no longer Allowed to be even pushed into the ground slightly, so when bought they can't really be used on new caches. However, caches previously published before this rule have been grandfathered, so I presume they're still selling the containers to COs who may need to replace the missing container on an old cache?
  14. Hi there! Before I get to my Reccomendations, I needed to correct something..... My "Chiltern Hundred" series isn't on the Cotswold Way, but is in the Cotswolds. Chesham is not in the Cotswolds, by any means Now for my own Reccomendations, living in the Cotswolds I've cached along parts of the Cotswold way too, and I agree with what JimJinks said: But don't just consider the Cotswold Way, there are some absolutely fabulous circular walks in the Cotswolds too, there's a cacher called Wrighty in the Cotswolds, find any of his caches and you won't be disappointed - always a scenic or historical spot, and a big box at the end. If you would like to do a few circular walks as well as the Cotswold way, to explore our beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty further, then I'll also submit some Reccomended walks here.... Just post a reply asking if you're interested Hope I helped!
  15. Hi, I'm wondering if a reviewer or other cacher could help me... Does the guideline of 0.1 miles distance between each cache type apply to Earthcaches? And also, if you were to place an Earthcache on National Trust land, would permission still need to be sought, or would it not be needed as it's a virtual cache type? Any help would be appreciated, I cannot find this information on GC.com
  16. CacheWalker events are organised by a group of cachers (known as CacheWalkers) who prefer to go caching by byway, not highway! We have an active forum here, to discuss caching and share good walks - Visit link to CacheWalker Forum Yes, emCache is very active, but a little north of you, as Bear and Ragged said, but that doesn't mean you can't join their forum, or attend one of their regular events
  17. Well, perhaps sticking the card to the lid of the cache, then there's no problem?
  18. That's a great idea actually But would it be popular enough for lots of people to hide one around the world, or is it better just for a one off cache under a Multi? Maybe suggest it to Groundspeak, I like the idea a lot
  19. Yes, every other year would probably be better
  20. I agree with that, Brian, and it would make both the Geolympix and Official Annual UK Mega far less special than what they are. Originally the Geolympix was an International Celebration of Geocaching, an International roaming event - that was what set it apart from not just the UK Mega, but from all Megas. My suggestion would be that Perhaps every 4 years is better, to make it more special, unique and "We have to go to this, it only happens every four years" - it would attract more visitors. Why was it held in the UK this year? Not only because the organisers are Based here, but because of the Olympics and there would be more international visitors.... So maybe "GEOLYMPIX MEGA : RIO 2016" ? Of course the problem would be finding cachers there to organise it, I don't think there has ever been a Mega in Brazil, but still... Everyone could go and find the Ape cache, get 12 in 12? The event would be huge Back to reality, you said Berlin were showing interest - really try and push on with that, before thinking of places to host one in the UK, so the real Geolympix concept lives on! And if they end up saying No, and no other country offers then my advise would be not to rush it, go with my suggestion of every four years and try and find another host nation in that time - and then if there's still no country willing to host one, then I'd say to just not bother, if it were me, and put the Geolympix to bed until someone finally does - otherwise, it just won't be the Geolympix - an International roaming event, why do we need another annual UK roaming Mega? Those are my thoughts though I do have to admit liking the Snowdonia idea a lot
  21. Westcote Wander is my series, but it's not as good as the ones I recommended Be warned that the paths are a little boggy though
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