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  1. Have we done away with the rule that says it must be taken within the month the comp was published?
  2. Defo special mentions to Langy, Bigblueeyes and Martlakes.
  3. This si what im getting at. If you take your own 'whatever' its normally free. Bike, food, drink,sports equipment. Why not caching?
  4. Yup! I don't have a problem with it, nor would I do it! They also charge for canoing, climbing, rowing, horse riding and all sorts of things you can do for free in the outside world if you've got your own equipment! Mark Heh ya know what. I bet theres a kayaking forum somewhere with some dude complaining he has to pay to use his own kayak at centre parcs haha.
  5. Pwalo - IM sure theres lots of things you like doing that I dont like. I only wanted to see if I was the only one disappointed you couldnt take your own GPS. DIdnt ask you for your strong opinions on my holiday destination. Langy - You are right. Compared to some of the other stuff it would be a cheap 2 hours worth of entertainment. My issue is that if I dont use any of their stuff its still 15 quid!
  6. Im going to centre parcs next month and was booking acitvities when I saw this. £15.50 for a group of 4. For what??? Usage of a phone with a caching app? Thats a lot of money if you have 20 people an hour looking for a cache. I dont think tis right. I think if you have your own app you should be able to take part.
  7. Hagfgis Hunter - I think the vignetting takes away from the photo. Any chance of seeing it without to compare?
  8. Great theme. I shall endeavour to complete this.
  9. It was treated as a virtual while the Olympics were on. You post a photo of you in the park and log it. GC2RP6R
  10. I tried setting up a club for those on the border of Oxon, Northants and Warks border but it got ignored for the most part and one group in one of the said counties actively discouraged it because they thought it might harm their tiny forum.
  11. The cache by one of the entrances to the park was removed. The owner said that he was happy for people to still log it as a virtual if they attended the games, he would replace it afterwards. Groundspeak took offence to the cache being logged by those who passed the site going into the stadium and archived the cache. I logged it before it got archived but to me that just seems completely over the top. There was no cache, people werent acting suspiciously.
  12. This was very hard, but IM going with Langy's entry coming down the mountain. It had some good composition points too.
  13. SOrry but going back to the previous question. East Germany played Brazil in the 70s. Does that not count as Germany playing Brazil?
  14. 2002 when ronaldo was in his prime. I believe they beat Germany 2-1 or 2-0. That team was insane. Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho
  15. DING to TheOldfields. Sorry I miss that you had put the correct answer.
  16. Going for a nothern team is incorrect Going for a southern team is incorrect too
  17. Finding one of MEtal Bijous. It was a nano. I accidentally dropped it into the grass. I saw it hit the floor. 20 minutes later in disbelief we gave up looking for it and made a very apologetic phonecall. To this day I swear I saw it hit the floor and disappear!
  18. ID like to see a mega in July in Oxford.
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