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What is the ONE THING...

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I like to cache late at night with like 2+ friends. The only thing that ever ruins by night of geocaching is when they back out on me. Luckily I have about 8 willing friends these days. I like to keep my options open. :P Also when the rookies get tired before the plotted course is completed that can end a great night. No dragon would dare cross my path on route to a geocache. Theres more fire in my eyes than their mouths :angry:

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Serious answer...traffic :( I don't know how many times I've set out for some new territory in Nassau County and by the time i've stop-and-goed my way to 2 or 3 caches, I'm ready to head back for the relative calm of the Suffolk Pine Barrens, even if I've already found all the caches there.

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I'm sure that I've had a caching day ruined by something, but I can't think of any examples right now. Perhaps I haven't, then. Even the time when someone pulled out in front of us and we t-boned them going 30 mph and totaled the car, we managed to finish up our caching since it was only a few blocks away (before heading to the hospital). :rolleyes:

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So far the only thing that has really bothered me on a hunt has been when the GPSr won't settle down. You're out in the woods and bushwhacking just a little, but the GPSr tells you that you are 10' from GZ. Then without moving you are 50' from GZ. You start to move the way it indicates, and it tells you to go the other way. It never settles down to an area you can search from. I don't know if it is my device (Gamin 60 Csx) or if this happens to others. However, I've had it happen a couple times, and it can ruin the fun in a hurry.


My 60 csx does that. Not all the time, but plenty. It did it last weekend and there was a thigh-deep swamp between where I was and where it wanted me to be. Bushwhacked my way around the swamp and, of course, it then told me to go back where I had just been. Never did find that cache on either side.


DNFing a cache that I really wanted--a cache that I set out to find as my main goal for the day--one that maybe took a few hours to get to--that puts a damper on my day. Might not rise to the level of "ruining" my day, but I hate it when that happens.

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that would absolutely ruin a great day of caching for you ?


I'm sure you could probably think of a few, possibly many, but I'd like to know about your main BUMMER...your major party pooper...

getting thrown in the back of a police car and hauled off to jail because the cache was hid in a zero tolerance high crime area with no permission from the city of glendale.


Zero tolerance of what? :huh: Walking around in public with a funny lookin' walkie-talkie? :unsure:


Is there a story behind this or is it just a projection of what would ruin your day?


Forgive me. I work closely with LEO's and I know what a high crime area is. I just don't know what is and have never heard of a "zero tolerance high crime area."

It was a big empty lot where there was lots of drug and sex activity, so bad the city bought the property and deemed it a "zero tolerance high crime area."

there weren't even any no trespassing signs up yet but thats what they got me for.

cache is GC23BJ5

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that would absolutely ruin a great day of caching for you ?


I'm sure you could probably think of a few, possibly many, but I'd like to know about your main BUMMER...your major party pooper...


Getting stuck on Pacific Coast Hwy for almost four hours, ten cars back from where the CHP stopped all traffic to allow about 5000 bicycles to cross from one side to the other.


By the time I was finally waved through, it was too late to start the hike, and I no longer felt like doing anything but get back home.

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I have a fear of my gps dying on me and getting lost. Recently I did have it freeze up on me in the middle of doing a cache, luckily, it just took a reboot and it came back up. Whew!


My other fears are less likely to happen, such as being attacked by an alligator, chased by a rapist through the woods, or bitten by a rattlesnack. (I mean snake).

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So many big, hungry mosquitoes flying around the cache that you can hardly get it.

Oh, you've cached in Ontario also? I swear the rental car was five pounds heavier from all the mosquitoes we killed in it...

Ah! memories... Last year we went back to Ontario from BC for a wedding (niece), had some time to kill for a few days first so...

we went caching. Looks like I've been out West to long... completely forgot that the first weeks of May are blackfly season... not one skeeter though... or any other critters. I was the only one dumb enough to go into the bush... I'm still recovering from the bites... Troubles with memories for sure... but NOW I remember. May = blackflies June = skeeters.


Doug 7rxc

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When your daughter calls you while you are in the middle of a caching run 50 miles away and tells you a water pipe burst in your home.


Only 50 miles?




the best part about this picture is the AAA logo on the wall.


But seriously... the one thing that really keeps me from caching is my work. I work over 70 hours a week, and I just don't get to go out and cache much; but hey! I like money and paying off my debts.

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Jumping in the car and speeding off to the next county to grab a few caches, getting there and realizing I left my batteries in the charger at home...and not in my gps..


They don't sell AA batteries at convenience stores in the next county?

Sure.. About 15 minutes away.. So, about a half hour drive for 2 batteries when I really didnt have that much time. Guess I should have said that I didnt have much time, and the next county is rural "no convienience stores". Sorry. It didnt ruin my whole day, just my quick cache outing..

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At first I was going to say weather, but that really doesn't stop me. I've cached when it was -20°F and when it was humid as all get out. I've cached during snowstorms, rainstorms, windstorms, lightning storms (ok, not tornadoes or hurricanes) and when the weather was so perfect you just want to bottle it. So, I'm willing to cache no matter what Mother Nature has in mind.


I'd have to say that an injury might be something that would keep me from getting out caching. Hard to say...I haven't suffered anything that major yet (knock on wood).


I'd have to agree with this. It snows more than half the year here, and some years in summer. You just bundle up, and get your cache-on! Haha. And I DO hate when you are injured and can't cache. Although, I've been caching for a week with a broken ankle. I'm just a lot slower and can't find any on mountains very easily. :)

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