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  1. Looking forward to getting my set. They look great and thanks
  2. Still looking for the last two of the 5 STAR GEOCOINS climbing & kayaking can any one help me?
  3. I like them both but I'm a perfectionist and expect things to be how they are paid to be. Once again loving star wars I like the coin no matter what! Great job on the coin.
  4. Will be keeping an eye out of this one......all I can say is WOW!
  5. I finally decided on the first set of coins to collect. I have the 5 star diving geocoin but need help locating the other two which are the climbing & kayaking geocoins. Anyone where to buy or look to buy these coins? Thanks in advance.
  6. I love everyone's comments whether positive or negative. Placement will always be somewhere scenic or educational, and very from extreamaly easy to slightly challenging. All placements will keep the CITO motto! Feel free to check in on the logs and commets left by cachers on the hides.
  7. I agree with everyone in some way or another on their points. Someone may get there nose out of shape on this but most will enjoy the whole cache aspect of it. Its not a contact sport but in some ways like golf all are tring to get to one spot together and as friends.
  8. Since geocaching is not a competitive sport, you may want to look elsewhere for your recreation. Attempts to turn geocaching into a competitive sport have generally not turned out well in the past. Indeed, in my opinion, the very worst aspects of geocaching all derive from people who have tried to make it into a competition. sorry let me rephrase my idea more fun on the part as a find and looking forward to the next clue of a puzzle. people seem to love being the FTF and others just to being able to find the cache. I just wanted to make it more rewarding for someone. If this is wrong of me then I am sorry.
  9. Thanks for the comment. Yes I'm going to be dropping them randomly over a month long period so I can buy some time to find the right Geocoin for this game. There are so many coins and all are so pretty but there needs to be the right coin for this that the winner will want to show off the coin and tell there story on how they came about to get this coin. For all coins have a story behind them. I'm open for ideas if anyone knows of a good coin for the winner. Thanks
  10. for me here in Florida would be stepping on a well hidden YELLOW JACKETS NEST in the ground! they seem to have built in GPS and know every direction you plan to run...best bet is head for water, jump in, and hope your good at holding your breath!
  11. I know I'm new but I have a busy mind and a Competitive attitude. So I decided to make a game of GeoCaching in my area. I am taking 18 golf balls and coring them out to place a micro container within. I'm placing these balls all over but within a 20 mile area of myself. I'm keeping score of the people who are FTF's at the end of 18 holes aka golf balls I'm going to award a trackable GeoCoin to the winner with the most FTF's. In the case of a tie I will have a scramble to 3 more holes regardless of the FTF's on these 3 it will be who is there first. Here are a few pictures of what I have been able to do so far. I would like to say thanks to GeoTre my girlfriends son if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have discovered Geocaching.
  12. Lmao.....when I need to hit some FTF caches I ride my 2010 yamaha R1. Other than that its a cannondale mtn bike.
  13. Thank you for the info keewee. I don't like to beg for coins plus i'm just beginning to start collecting my girlfriends son got me into this and I love how everyone is friendly and wants to help the environment and each other. I believe in paying it forward. Thanks again.....brian
  14. Email sent. Also - you want instructions on how to send, or how to receive mystery coins? Both if possible
  15. I would like an invite and instructions on how to send mystery coins.
  16. Congrats on the coin gotta love that bug! hope to see one in Florida some time!
  17. really like the metal stand idea! Gonna have to do this. Thanks
  18. What a cool coin. I'm getting married on 11-11-11 and would love to be placed on the list for 2 sets if its not to late. One to keep and enjoy and the other to release on our honeymoon to travel where we may never go!
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