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  1. Not to be too beligerent, but if you only have one set of batteries, you prolly didn't think of the compass either. I know, the GPSr could break. But without a paper topo map, (which I have yet to carry since leaving active duty) I'm not sure what good a compass will do you if it does. I'm on my 2nd GPSr so far (and both have been bought solely for geocaching...PN-30 and an Oregon 200). My next one will in all likelihood have a compass. But, as has been often said, once you are within 25 feet or so, you should consider yourself at GZ, and put the GPSr away anyhow. We're nearing 600 finds, and have not used a compass for 5 of them so far. (My phone has an electronic compass in it. I think I've activated it twice looking for caches so far.) A compass is really a matter of preference for caching. If you do other outdoor activities, you should plan, and equip yourself accordingly. Later! I would not leave the house to venture into the unknown with one set of batteries "at least not on purpose", let alone without a compass..You might forget a compass, but not me. Its not about using a compass to find a cache, its about using one to know direction if the gps fails..You really missed the point.. I am surprised that you do not know how to navigate with a compass "without a paper topo map" considering you were active duty military.. Good luck with the i-phone and gps when the batteries are dead.. I quote " If you do other outdoor activities, you should plan, and equip yourself accordingly".. I may not have 600 caches, but I am smart enough to know that I may be in a situation where daylight a batteries might be running low..And if that happens....I will have my compass, and you will have nothing..I guess its you choice.
  2. They don't sell AA batteries at convenience stores in the next county? Sure.. About 15 minutes away.. So, about a half hour drive for 2 batteries when I really didnt have that much time. Guess I should have said that I didnt have much time, and the next county is rural "no convienience stores". Sorry. It didnt ruin my whole day, just my quick cache outing..
  3. Can a lanyard with a metal "iron" clip or such cause the electronic compass in a GPS display false readings? I wonder this because I used a lanyard with a metal clip to carry my liquid filled compass and noticed that it caused the compass to give false directions. I have since changed to a plastic "clip" lanyard. Has anyone tested this? Might be good to know..
  4. You can save a few bucks by skipping the electronic compass. Just buy a 5-10 dollar liquid filled pocket compass. You should always carry one anyways. If the batteries die in your GPS, the electronic compass is worthless, as is the GPS.. You will be very glad you have a pocket compass. Just dont do what I did and clip it "the compass" to a lanyard with a metal "iron" clip. It threw off my compass a LOT. I now use a lanyard with a plastic clip. I wonder if using a metal clip can throw off the reading in an electronic compass? I have heard of people having trouble keeping the electronic compasses calibrated.. Might be the metal clip on the lanyard.
  5. My brother-in-law just bought a explorist gc for $50 on clearance at Target. Might want to check your local Target..They put stuff on clearance all the time, real random. Not listed online though..
  6. Anyone wih an endura gps knows that manually entered waypoints will stop navigating way too soon to work for geocaching. I figured out a bit of a fix for this. I wish it was as easy as changing the icon, but it seems its not. What I did was manually load or create a waypoint on the gps and name it. Then open the "gpx" folder on the gps and you will see the waypoint you made. Then, drag it into GSAK. I then "right click" on the waypoint and select "edit". That will open a window where you can change the icon and attributes and such. I simply changed the waypoint to a geocache and saved it. Then put the new "geocache" file back in the "gpx" folder on my endura. Now you can find the waypoint in the geocache list and navigate with no problems. It sounds like a lot of work, but its really just a few clicks and drags..Any questions, just ask..
  7. Jumping in the car and speeding off to the next county to grab a few caches, getting there and realizing I left my batteries in the charger at home...and not in my gps..
  8. Very cool! Care to share how you made those? By the way, I think lanyards are great! Mine just broke and I would love to find a new "unique" one..
  9. We usually cache as a family, our daughters my wife and I. There are a lot of cemetery caches in our area. But one thing we do is to coduct ourselves in a respectful manner when we are in a cemetery. My kids are to walk at our sides and no yelling or screwing around. We teach them that this is a place of rest, a place where peoples loved ones are, a place of solemn respect. Even though we are there to play this game, respect can be practiced. We quietly walk along, thinking about the people there. Its kind of hard to describe, but it doesnt feel like a bad thing. It also has taught my kids that a cemetery is not a thing of horror or fear as movies might depict. But rather a place where people just like us have gone when our time here is done. And all these people were brothers, sisters, moms and dads, and were loved. I dont mind cemetery caches, as long as they are done properly and with respect. And those who seek them show the same respect. I dont think any should be in contact with a headstone or vault, or even very close. Cemetery caches seem to be one of those "if you dont care for them, just skip them" type of thing. Now I am thinking...when I pass, I just might have a cache built into my headstone..Sweet!
  10. Unneccessary and clearly bitter. While the tone might come across as "insulting", there's good information in the post. Yes, his comments to Nichole1980 and I were unnecessary and bitter. Proof by our responce.. Good info can be given without so much "tone". You're the one who's posting unnecessary bitter comments. My local area has a certifiable "cache cop" who posts on caches he's obviously never looked for. Many of them are indeed gone because the cache owners are no longer playing the game. BUT, I have seen him post on a good number of them that are still there, too...simply because nobody has posted ANY kind of log on them for a year or more. Not a lot of cachers here. I found a puzzle recently that hadn't been found in 3yrs. Not because there was a problem with it...but because all the locals found it years ago and tourists don't often do the puzzles here. The local cache cop has proven to be annoying. He hasn't gone after any of mine yet, but I have a difficult multi that doesn't get found often that I could see him asking to be archived if it gets a string of DNF's. I only post anything on caches if I've ACTUALLY looked for them, and I can see how Harry Dolphin could have suspected the OP in this thread may not have searched. The post was kinda vague on the details. Your post you linked to...meh. It's an internet forum. You need thick skin to post anything on internet forums because sometimes others post things you don't like. Brush it off and move on. Don't get butthurt and hold a grudge because it really isn't worth it. Yes my post was a bit bitter. And yes you need thick skin on this forum. But the point was that a person asked a legit question looking for an answer. Most were helpful, one was rude. Calling people names such as "cache cop" is not right. The OP had done nothing like you describe as a "cache cop". So they didnt deserve the title. If it was "kinda vague", he could have asked a question to clear it up. Neither the OP nor I have ever acted like a "cache cop" by simply asking for help from more experienced members. New members dont know they need thick skin on this forum, actually I was quite surprised when I joined just how thick skinned you must be in here considering this is just a game. As a member of many other forums, this one can be the most harsh by far. Especially to noobs.
  11. I think its a prob with the size of the file.. My unit can hold 4000 geocaches and 4000 waypoints.. I guess I will have to stick to 500 at a time.
  12. Unneccessary and clearly bitter. While the tone might come across as "insulting", there's good information in the post. Yes, his comments to Nichole1980 and I were unnecessary and bitter. Proof by our responce.. Good info can be given without so much "tone".
  13. I tried downloading and sending a 1000 file query to my GPS "Lowrance endura OutnBack". I did what I always do with my query, d-load, and unzip to the "gpx" file in my gps. It works on 500 cache queries, but not 1000. Do I need to split it in half and load? If so, how do I do that? It just shows one file.. Thanks
  14. I had the same question once, and wasnt sure what to do. So I asked. I got good advise from several people. And insulted by Harry Dolphin. He called me the "cache police", or something similar to what he called you, and offered no helpful advise. That is one of the big reasons I am not on these forums much. For a "family friendly" game I am often surprised at the rude, indifferent, snide comments posted by a few of the members. Just ignore the useless remarks and focus on those who are willing to help without criticizing you for having doubts from being new to the game. This is the tread I am refering to.. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=248247&st=0&p=4315731&fromsearch=1entry4315731 Ny issue was resolved, with help from a few good members and some patience. I did not feel like a jerk for long as both the caches in question were indeed gone. One has recently been restored. And I did it all without any help from a harry dolphin.
  15. One other problem with school caches is that even if all the faculty knows about it, what about the house across the street, the person out for a walk, the officer out on patrol? Any one of those people could cause a pretty big problem all over a geocache. That results in bad publicity for the game. I am a 41 year old man "kinda scary looking lol" and anyone in their right mind would probably call the law if they saw me poking around a school during school hours, after, or at night. I have learned there are far more suitable locations to place "and seek" a cache. Even in this situation, there really is no "need" to place it on school property. Also, schools are not regulated by the faculty or even the principal. It goes much higher. I honestly doubt any principal could give permission for an outside activity to take place on school property without permission from a much higher authority. Liability and insurance could be a big issue.
  16. Has anyone heard anything about an update release date yet? My unit runs a bit choppy..like it locks up for a few seconds here and there..the arrow will not move, but the feet and other info continue to update..then all of the sudden the arrow will spin onto the right direction..very annoying. but still good enough to cache with. Thanks
  17. Being disabled it has been hard "but fun" finally getting to 50 finds after 7 months. We go as a family when we can, or just my 2 daughters and I. I have to admit that the first time I discovered and joined Geocahing I was very excited about running out and hiding a cache "in the YMCA playground near my house" . But instead decided to go out a few times caching and spend a bit of time on the forums. That taught me a heck of a lot real quick. I have no hides as of yet, but I feel I am more than ready. Armed with this knowledge, I am going to make sure my first hide and the ones to follow will be worth the hunt. I think it should be up to each individual to decide when they are ready to hide, and up to the seekers to offer honest advise, or help, tempered with respect and a little understanding to the person placing the hide. We were all beginners once. Good communication is the key.
  18. I second the Goop glue stuff...I fixed a leaking crack in the bottom of a Dreammaker hot tub with that stuff, after trying every glue and epoxy at the store. The tub was made of polyethyline and noting would stick to it. Except Goop! Still leak free after a month of constant use and 104 degree temps.
  19. I love my out&back and see no need to upgrade. It has never let me down. I hunt, geocache, boat, hike and travel with this GPS.Nice maps, nice features, dependable, good battery life, and excellent customer service and support. All I need.
  20. I think it sounds like fun..My kids would "have a ball" looking through them while trying not to look obvious, as I sit in the car laughing. As for being offended by the use of the word hobo..really??? I would be more offended if someone called me over-sensitive. A hobo is a hobo, a bum is a bum, a drunk is a drunk, a jerk is a jerk...Where do we draw the line on "offensive", and "politically-correct"? Sounds more like censorship to me.
  21. Cool idea! Just make sure you stick to the guidelines for using the logo. Trade one near me! I want one!
  22. If you're asking for votes on a new user name mine goes for this one. I second that one How bout Haun, or Shar ?
  23. If you have to ask...I woke up after a party with a brand on my tidd once, my wife was not amused. Brandon, just a bit of our twisted humor, no offence intended.
  24. Some have stated that in your own yard, or private property, that it is fine or "anything goes". That is still against the guidelines. Not all new cachers read the guidelines well, or visit the forums, so the caches that we place set an example for others. A cacher who finds a buried cache in your yard, or on private property, buried with permission, may think that this type of hide is ok to do anywhere. Lead by example.
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