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Interesting, Unique and Unusual Caches

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We're fairly new to this caching malarky, but having had a tester at setting a cache we'd like to put together a little series. we'd like to make them interesting, challenging and perhaps a bit unusual. On our caching travels we've seen caches which require you to crack combination locks (with clues in other caches), found caches hidden in custom pieces of fencing and we've heard about ones suspended in tree's. I'm just wondering what other unique caches people have come across and enjoyed. Perhaps provide some inspiration for a new series.


Thanks in advance.


James, Sarah and Podge.

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Magnetic snail shell on a metal fence post

Nuts & Bolts

A door handle attached to a door with velcro

A small camo'd box on a statue

A small black pipe wedged in the letter I on an engraved stone feature in a park

Pine cones

Fake rocks

Hollowed out brick

Fake section of a brick wall

A plastic otter

A plastic magpie

Variations on hollow tree stumps

Tennis Ball

Golf Ball


Just think outside the box ;)

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But, without wishing to inhibit your creativity, keep in mind what searchers might do - we don't really want cachers pulling real snails off posts, or destroying perfectly innocent walls by tearing them apart after reading the hint or previous logs. In my view whatever you do has to look natural enough to a non-cacher but give a clue to a cacher that it is not what it seems.


In the past I've not looked for caches where doing so was likely to cause damage to the environment.


Rgds, Andy

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The only thing to limit the type of caches you hide is your imagination.

Every where you look you can see something that would contain a log book or more, the secret is where would it fit in and if you think others will enjoy finding it.

One of the best series that we have done just had normal containers, but where hidden in tricky ways, using pulley's and string up in trees or under bridges. Another series made it difficult to actually sign the logs, you needed to take an array of tools with you to open the containers. For one good one you needed to take a battery and find a circuit board with wire sticking out and you need to power the circuit by connecting the wires up, 10 sets of wires each wire had a part set of co ords by it and the two that switched the bulb on where the ones you needed to find the cache.

The thing to do is let your imagination run riot and see what you can come up with.

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I've also seen :-


fake notices magnetically attached to metal cabinets.

fake doorbell on the door jamb of a disused factory.

fake switch box attached to the base of a street sign.

fake 'private property' sign containing a concealed cache.

A one pence piece, which when you pick it up has a plastic tube glued to the underside.


And one where the cache was simply the log pinned up where it doesn't look out of place and you can just walk up and sign it.

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