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'Kaieke Geocoin'

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I've started designing a few more geocoins I'd like to get made once I've made back the cost of my Something Fishy coins http://www.freewebstore.org/SomethingFishyGeocoin


This is the first of my designs I'd like to get made, which is based on Maori design. And am thinking of calling it the 'Kaieke' Geocoin, meaning 'traveller' in Maori.


It'll probably be quite a while until I can get it made, but ideally I'd like it to be a 2" coin in a few different finishes.

Maybe some just in antique metals, and others in black nickel and hard enamel - coloured, with glow in the dark eyes.


I am still doing the back, but it will include more Maori designs and some text.

I was thinking of a Maori phrase and have found " Give as well as take, and all is well" which I like. But someone has also suggested 'I've got geocaching on my mind'


Here is a look at the front in some colours I have been thinking of.


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Been working on the back a lot more today.

I'll probably make a couple of small changes to it, but this should be close to what I'd like the final design to look like.




I like!!!!!! :anibad:


(sorry for the double post - browser was acting up)

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Finally able to get this coin going, and hopefully will have the samples in a few weeks.

I've decided on 5 different versions/finishes and there will be 20 made of each.

More information/pictures to come once the samples arrive.


** There are still a couple of the Something Fishy Geocoins left if anyone still wants to buy them.

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I got the sample coins yesterday and think they came out great - my favourites are the green and the glow in the dark.

Will try and get some better photos up soon.



The final numbers will be 10 Antique Gold, 23 Green, 23 Glow in the Dark (White), 22 Yellow, 22 Blue.


I will probably create another online store for these like I did for my first coin, and will probably only start selling them once they've arrived unless anyone wants to pre-order some, though would still need to work out the final price depending on duty fees.

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Antique Gold version is now almost sold out - just 3 left (2 individual and 1 being sold in the full set).

I have also reduced the prices of the coloured versions.


My Something Fishy coins are also now down to the last few, and I won't be getting any more made, so still a chance to get them if you wanted one.



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Why so expensive?


I know they are a bit more than you might normally pay but I don't think the price is overly expensive.

Over a quarter of them have gone already, and most coins I have bought are usually around £10.

There are also very limited numbers of each version - just 10-20, and won't be getting any more made as I'd prefer to get new coin designs made rather than remint.

I sometimes put some on ebay starting a bit cheaper so people can always check there.

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Released my first Kaieke today in Switzerland to head to Australia and New Zealand (TB41D9K).

More Kaieke's still available from the webstore.


I have also been working on a few more designs and hope to get at least 2 of them made within the next year.

I have been working on an 11-11-11 coin which is nearly at the samples stage - just waiting on final blueprints from the mint. Aiming to have them made so they'll come out around August so people can recieve them by 11-11-11, and if I can afford it I'll hopefully get another design made before that (either Venetian Mask, Tiger's head or Bermuda geocoin). Will probably post them once the designs are complete and have people vote on which one to be made next.


If enough people are interested in seeing the 11-11-11 coin design, I'll post a sneak peek of it :huh:

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Kia ora CW88,


If you would like some of these actually release in Aotearoa, let me know as I can do it for you.


Naku noa,

na Craig

(aka keewee)


Thanks :D

Once I cover the cost of these I'd like to release a few more and having them start in New Zealand would be cool.

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There are less than 10 coins left of each version now, and still one last antique gold.


I will also start trying to sell some of my coins through my own website which I've been working on this week, but still trying to finish off a few pages. I'll also have pages with info on my current and future coin designs (am hoping to get at least 2 made this year) so people can find out how many were made, finshes etc. Hopefully it'll be finished in the next few days and will post the link when it's done.

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It would be cool to do one of these versions as an Earthquake fundraiser.


I was thinking about that.

If there would be interest in them I could try and get a few done - maybe Antique Silver with translucent colours?


Or black nickel with a glow color. I would buy a couple. Maybe they can be sold in New Zealand or something.

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