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  1. Keeping fingers crossed since I sent two postcards from the place I visited at the same time/same day and watched them postmark Aug 31 and one of those was received by my kids over the weekend....hoping that the other one has made it's way to you!
  2. Entering your addy and a daily reminder in my calendar as I'm leaving on a jet plane... tomorrow!
  3. Been crazy busy the last several days, but wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to YemonYime for the gorgeous Vice Presidential award that was received. That is a gorgeous coin! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
  4. Beautiful! Will be keeping an eye out for these!
  5. Penny and Kona, thank you so very much! This will be so exciting to watch it travel! Both my kids love caching and looking at coins and this one will be fun for them to see how close it is, especially my little guy who is 6. We will definitely pay it forward soon! Thank you again!!!
  6. mekk

    USA Geocoins

    I have heard from them and the Fallen Heros coin I ordered has been activated. They were apologetic and even followed up with another email confirming it had been activated. Thanks Eric!
  7. Love that Nikos! I'll have to remember that one!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing these! I didn't know about them! Although it appears none in FL, we're only 45 miles from GA so excited about visiting these parks!
  9. This happened to us about a month ago. It was supposed to be a 35mm in a tree. Four of us searched the tree over and there was no cache. Finally found a tattered, soaked and slightly eaten by bugs log on the ground at the base of the tree with some garbage. Contacted the cache owner as well as left a needs maintenance notification. CO has not replaced or temp disabled the cache and has logged on as recently as today. Hopefully it is either replaced or archived soon. Liked the series of area caches this was part of.
  10. Incredible. Wish I were a lot closer, but I'll be in TX in January Yay!
  11. We are approaching our 100th find hopefully in the next week! Would love to participate in this.
  12. Funny that I should see this right now because I'm downloading the info for the Dinosaur Train cache here in our town - my little man LOVES Dinosaur Train and this is today's activity! So happy that these are out there!
  13. We've been geocaching since 2004, but due to life, kids, jobs, etc., don't get out that often. We're approaching our 100th find milestone and I'm just curious if I'm just weird alone in wanting to find a cache for that milestone that will be memorable. (Which is what I'm planning to do) So.... tell me how you plan for a milestone find? Do you choose a particular cache? Or just whatever is the next one that makes that milestone? Thanks!
  14. This is a great topic. I have yet to place my first cache, but have several cache containers ready to go. Was wondering about this myself!
  15. Our GeoPuppy does go caching with us but she is ALWAYS on a leash (except at a dog park and mostly because she'd lick to death anyone she saw) and we have a little baggie dispenser right on the leash. Like someone else said, we do sometimes double bag it, but always clean up after her as well as throw the baggie in first trashcan we come across. There's nothing more than I hate to accidentally step in someone else's doggy poo, so I will not allow my dog to leave something for others to step in.
  16. Great seeing all the awesome coins! Congrats to all on the mystery coins! Maybe one day, one find it's way here, but until then, I get excited hearing about all the surprises! And in my mailbox today.... the GOLD Space Shuttle Coin. Wanted to get that to pair with the Silver one I bought last week
  17. I'm enjoying reading about everyone's encointers!! I saw something strange going through the sky last night, but if it was a chance encointer, my dog must have scared it off! Congrats to all who have received it! Love seeing the photos and reading the posts!
  18. All I can say is WOW! And seeing the sneak peek photo - WOW WOW!
  19. Hi Nikos, I saw photos of the other Trojan Horses and I am going to find them one way or another! They are a must for my collection!!! The space shuttle is also amazing. And, yes, I have seen the real one launch a few times. I'll have to send you a photo. It's amazing. (I'm only about 1 1/2 hours away). I can usually see the vapor trail from my house, too.
  20. mekk

    Clay TikiCoins!

    Way too cool. Loved reading about how these are made! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait until the release date!
  21. Love the details and message of this coin! I think sometimes, we ignore the big blaring signs that are in front of us telling us to slow down and seize the day. Sometimes a blatant reminder just needs to be in front of us. If this made it's way to my mailbox, I'd make sure it was put someplace where I could be constantly reminded of it's message! Awesome job and congrats to all the lucky recipients!
  22. I really like the design! Both my daughter and I have always had a great interest in Ancient Egypt and have many books about it. All three colors will be on my wish list!
  23. Today was like Christmas! The mailman brought 3 coins today from my ebay geocoin addiction er purchases! Oh my.... I'm in LOVE with the Trojan Horse coin! So you can guess what I'll be keeping my eyes out for.... Love the space shuttle one, too, and since I'm not but a few hours from the Cape, and have had the opportunity to see a few shuttle launches, this is a real treat! The All American Geocoin was perfect for this Independence Day week
  24. I had been looking at some coins on ebay that were activated and the seller had indicated that he would be willing to delete all the logs if the new owner requested it. I think I, too, would want to keep the history of the coin.
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