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is there a UK version of the well rounded cacher

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I have seen on quite a few profiles a chalange chart and sevral levels of awards for being a "well rounded cacher"


to get theawards you complete a % of all cache levels.


1 star terrain with 1 star difficulty

1 star terrain with 1.5 star difficulty

1 star terrain with 2 star difficulty


and so on...............


is there a Uk version of this as so far seems to be overseas doing this, also who dishes out the awards??

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I'm concerned that you have the monopoly over UK cache data and you and only you get to choose who can, and cannot see it.


It's not freeview at all. In a freeview system all can see, in this one, you can pick and choose who can.


I'm also concerned about giving personal info to site which has:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/sites/icache.co.uk/public_html/cp/index.php:7) in /home/sites/icache.co.uk/public_html/inc/hmenu.php on line 21
on it's signup page.


[Removed petty remark about spelling. Security issues remain]

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to yank this back on topic by the scruff of its neck :o - if you use GSAK, there is a macro that will filter your database to look for caches that you still need to complete the 'bingo chart' - we find it very useful! I'd love to set a challenge cache myself for this - but I refuse to to so until I've completed my own card! Still a way to go though...

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