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  1. I've recently returned to Geocaching, after an extended absence where I was tempted away by various AR mobile games... A couple of my favourite caches from the past are the infamous Whitespace (GC1AF96) and the soon to be archived Cold War Cache (GC32REK). What are some of your favourite caches, in the UK and beyond? They could be challenging to get to, or just a memorable location. Mostly I'm looking for inspiration for a day out, or a weekend away.
  2. As well as the above, Premium Membership also gives access to extra PM only caches. It's even better value for us in the UK, given the current weakness of the £ against the $
  3. I've been looking at getting some custom guitar picks made up - found an online supplier charging £32 for 100, so 32p each. 'photo' picks are even cheaper, but don't look as good i think. http://mybadges.co.uk/index.htm Hoping to place an order in the next few weeks.
  4. Surely you've heard of the Flying Elephant of Llanfairfechan? World famous that is
  5. So how is it going after 3 months (ish)? I'm also using Geocaching as a means of losing weight, by cycling and walking, although I've not set any specific targets so far.
  6. It looks like you are well and truly hooked as well. Welcome to the addiction. Gotta admit I'm pretty hooked too - spending lots of time at work poring over maps planning days off The worrying part is walking home from work each day I find myself looking round spotting decent looking hiding places!
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