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COINTEST: There's Snow Place Like Home


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We recently made a snowman and gave it an unusual feature. What was that feature?


Hairy Arm Pits ?


Have a warm hug winter!!




YES! Congrats again!


Ok: Question number 3: We've been trying to save money by keeping the heat lower in the house. What is the lowest our heat has been so far?

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I am going to steer this thread back on topic now, OK?

We are waiting for the next question. We are working on the next question now. We are not going to discuss the stereotyped hygiene practices of women in France.


Yes, you are right.... :grin: Sorry Eartha! :D


Now to the cointest.....


You had to put oil in the car, maybe water in the cars, fridge (I do not know if it is called like that... I am talking about the engine....) and fill it with Gas!


Iam reading all these things about cars... so all that can happen becasue of cold and snow??? WOW!!!

so I can saw that even if I would love to see snow falling, we are lucky that we do not have these problems!!!

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