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  1. It's been a week. I declare success.
  2. I had a feeling it was getting hung on one of the calls, but I didn't have the time to go hunting. Thanks for making it, and I'll report back if I have any problems with the extension on. Hopefully it won't be necessary much longer.
  3. The geocache map crashes (becomes unresponsive, requiring the page to be reloaded) constantly, making it very difficult to use. When there are individual cache pages open and the map crashes, all the cache pages need to be reloaded. For the past couple of weeks, the individual cache pages have been crashing even without the map open. Sometimes the entire browser freezes until the "unresponsive page(s)" dialog appears. Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 on MacOS 10.12.6 I have no problems when using Safari.
  4. Usually I can get it to work by changing the zoom level. Next time I'll try the OSM suggestion. Thanks all!
  5. When a cache is on top of a point of interest on the map, clicking on the cache can be difficult. Sometimes only the point of interest popup appears. Sometimes the cache popup appears, then is replaced with the point of interest. Other times the cache popup appears with no problem. It would be best if the default is the cache popup. Example: https://www.geocaching.com/map/#?ll=43.733406,-103.840154&z=14
  6. If you have time, you might want to go to the location of Elevator anyway. It's pretty cool, if you like old mechanical things. Just be aware that it's an apartment building. There are plenty of other caches that are fine. I can't look it up from here, but there was one near the wishing bridge in Jaffa that was particularly interesting (the area more so than the cache).
  7. osmodion


    Have you seen the (nearly) indestructable plastic fiber mailers used by the USPS? That might work, if they sell small enough versions.
  8. I can do California, Nevada (Las Vegas area), New York, and New Jersey. Let me know.
  9. When my one released coin disappeared almost instantly, I waited a about six months and released a proxy. It clearly states that it is a proxy in the name and description, along with an explanation. The fun for the finder may not be as great, but at least some people will still get to see it, even if it is just a picture. And I still get some fun as the owner, by seeing it travel.
  10. worth putting trash in other peoples caches? What if you were to put the tokens solely in caches that you own? I am neither supporting nor condoning these tokens, merely curious.
  11. Gum may not fare well during the winter when traversing some of the hotter states. I'd recommend avoiding any edible substances altogether.
  12. There's one in Manhattan that I've been dying to try: http://coord.info/GC17MX1 Maybe later this summer...
  13. Create the page and indicate that the cache isn't active yet. You might also want to include a reviewer note explaining why.
  14. That alone is an ALR. I disagree. The CO did not say you could not log the cache if you took a TB without leaving a TB therefore it is not an ALR. Of course the easy way around this is to clean out the cache but don't log the cache, just the bugs. I'm going to be a nitpicker and claim it is an implied ALR that happens to only apply to some. Either way, a message like that would encourage me to accidentally take any remaining bugs if I should happen to be in the neighborhood. But that's just me
  15. I ALWAYS write down tb numbers as soon as I get home. I was in a similar situation a while back, after bringing a bug across the country with me. As I was on vacation, I didn't get a chance to log the bug for a few days. I returned to internet access to find an email from someone who had found the bug the same day that I dropped it off. The email was sent mere hours after I had been at the cache, and less than 24 hours later the bug was grabbed from me. It wasn't even dipped in the cache before the new person sent it on its way. After that, I started writing down all tb numbers to prevent future missed caches.
  16. It wasn't supposed to start raining until Sunday evening this past weekend. When it started raining early afternoon, we didn't let the light drizzle stop us. When it started pouring and we were shivering in the cold, then we gave up. Personally, I like the rain, but I prefer to be prepared for it.
  17. The green one is really pretty, but I also like the blue. Perhaps it has something to do with not so fond memories of my brother hiding in my blue toy chest?
  18. I missed the not polar express post... rudolph the nightmare before christmas
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