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COINTEST: There's Snow Place Like Home


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We've had a run of very cold and snowy days, so I thought it might be an appropriate time for a cointest! I will be asking a series of questions, and your job is to guess the right answers. If you have the correct answer, you will win a coin from my collection. Some of the coins will actually be coin adoptions on currently active travelers as some of the questions will probably be easier than others.


Here are the rules:

1. One guess every five minutes

2. No spamming, please

3. I have final say on which questions receive adoptions or unactivated coins

4. I have final say on all answers

5. No whining

6. Have fun

7. Send wishes for warmer weather my way!


OK! Question number one:


There is a huge icicle hanging outside my kitchen window. How long is it (in inches)?

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There is a huge icicle hanging outside my kitchen window. How long is it (in inches)?




Wishing you, Sunshine !!





OK! Question Number Two:

We recently made a snowman and gave it an unusual feature. What was that feature?

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ooh.... haven't posted in 15 minutes - can I come up with 3 answers?? :grin:


I'm going with Nikos' theme.....


Swimming trunks, a towel over one shoulder and suntan lotion!!


Rats..... he beat me to it!


Okay..... an umbrella.

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