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Favourite type of micro...


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One of the best I've done was the now archived "Shot gun wedding".


The plinth is about 4'6" high and there were no steps or convenient cracks in the vertical concrete to help anyone scramble up. It would have been very difficult for a lone cacher to get up there without some sort of small steps to help. Once on top you had to find the magnetic micro that was extremely well-hidden in the replica gun.


I see that there's now a 1/1 cache now in place just 435ft from this location, so no hope of anyone else replacing the original trad micro now.





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Generally I don't see a lot of ingenuity in micros and nanos, the vast majority are still film pots under stones, keysafes on the back of signs and so on.


I did find one that was really neat - a small capsule originally designed to carry owner's details on an animal's collar.


The owner had taken the cap off an acorn, hollowed out the acorn, nestled the capsule inside, drilled a small hole in the cap, replaced the cap over the container and hung it from a tree on a small wire. The only giveaways were the wire, and the fact the branch it was hanging on wasn't an oak tree (but interleaved with the branches of an oak tree!)


Took me a few attempts to find that one!

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One that was hidden between two green, silk leaves that were stitched together and hung in a tree somewhere in County Durham. Probably put me off micros for life :laughing::anicute::D;)


Cat Whiskers it is called John, it was set by Travers for one of my Durham meets, and an excellent cache it is too............and it is still going!!


It gets a LOT of DNFs but it is only half a mile from me and easy to check :P


Mandy :D

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Shoreham Toll Bridge GC1GDNH

Certainly is a great hide.

It took friends of mine several attempts, luckily i found it after about 20 minutes.

This has prompted me to use my imagination for a few Nano's that certainly get some good reviews, so if you are ever down south why not check them out :) if you can







just some of the better Nano's although i have had to archive a couple lately due to them disapearing :D

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