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What type of Challenge Caches does your state have?

Sol seaker

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Here in WA State we've got 33 challenge caches that are currently listed on the bookmark list for challenge caches: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...15-f4cffc58cd00


We've got your standard DeLorme challenge cache where you have to get a cache from each page of the Delorme map book. I know many states have this one, as well as a challenge cache where you have to get one from each county in the state.


I think our toughest is the Well Rounded Cacher, Fizzy Challenge.

In this cache you have to get at least one of each type of cache, such as for traditionals, you need to get a 1/1 a 1.5/1 a 2/1 a 2.5/1 (the numbers being the difficulty rating and the terrain rating), through all possible combinations for all cache types. You need to find 81 specific types of caches to fulfil the requirement to log this cache. Looks like a whole six people have done that one!!


And you thought you had to do a lot of work to log a multi!!!


The WA state history challenge cache is particularly interesting to me.

In that challenge, you find the oldest caches in existence in the state. Great logs from the people finding that one!!! They all talk about quite the adventure in this one. People who placed the early caches had different ideas on where and how to hide their caches. No Lamp post micros here. No micros at all.


So now you won't complain about that three point multi cache for one little smiley!!


What challenge caches do other states have out there?

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We have the County, Delorme, and Alphabet Challenge. We also have a new one -- the Alpha-Numeric -- in addition to A-Z, you have to find caches within the state beginning with 1-9 (as numerals, not spelled out, so "Three Musketeers" would cound for "T", not "3"). We also have the "1 Busy Day Challenge", where you have to find a certain number of different cache types in 1 day.

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In WV there are only 3 true "Challenge" caches that I know of. DeLorme, County and a 50 Star Challenge cache. I have completed all 3 (and own the County Challenge one). I am currently working towards completing a mythical "fizzy/well rounded cacher" challenge in case one ever gets placed here.

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Cache around the state (every county)

Century - Hundred letterboxes, mystery, etc finds, or in a day

Milleniums - 1000 caches found

Well rounded cacher - nearly every icon type in 1 day (usually 5-7)


Letters - From a Cache starting with every letter, or a city starting with every letter

bakers dozen (a cache with a 1 in the title, then a two, etc. but you can only use a series once)

County Highpoints

County Lowpoints

Blackout of traditionals in a city.


So many days finding a cache in a row

so many ftf's 10, 20 50 100

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In New Mexico, there seems to be a push to make a series of challenge caches around the state featuring various things. There have been two so far: 1) Counties and 2) State Parks. The challenges set up by the really dedicated cachers in this state are quite amazing since they require you to travel the entire diverse state and hence become acquainted with it. I have dreams of doing these challenges :Dnmgeocaching.com has more details if anyone is interested.

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Ooooh love the state park challenge idea. Maybe I'll make one of those.


One way to find lists for challenge caches in your state is to look up a challenge cache, and look under it's bookmark section. Anyone creating a bookmark list for it should have it there.


We've got a different type of Baker's challenge here.

It's where you have a one cache day, a two cache day, a three cache day, all the way up to 13. The trick is that you have to have at least one mystery or multi cache on each of those days. that one has gotten me doing more mystery and puzzle caches.


We've got a SEattle blackout cache. Actuall two. One is for the traditionals: over 600 caches. I think six people have gotten this one.

The other is for the non-traditionals (mystery, multi's etc.). Five people have gotten that one.

At least one person has gotten both for a total Seattle blackout.

The tough part of this, toughest part I should say, as there are a lot of tough parts about it, is that you have to complete all the caches as of one given day. New caches spring up daily.


Then there's a "know your local cacher" challenge, where you find 3 caches (one of each type) by 10 different local cachers, your choice.

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The bookmark list above seems to have them pretty well covered. The toughest one I've had to deal with doesn't look all that tough (a 100 day streak challenge), but given the rate at which I was burning through caches last year, it was a LOT harder than I would have thought. Life can get in the way, along with vacations. My streak finally ended at something like 146 days when I took a cruise that had an "at sea" day. Wasn't much I could do about that! I didn't plan to do 100 straight days, but as I got close, realized that a complete lack of planning was going to make it hard.



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Here we have 95 challenge caches, among those are the D.O.A.'s. We have one cacher who seems to be pone of THE craziest cachers I have and will probably ever meet. He name is AD0OR. He has been caching since abouty may of '01. He alone has done at least half of all the challenge caches in utah and several in other states. He used to be the cacher with the highest amount(I think) of finds AND hides in our state until about 3 months ago when a cacher called Dorkteam6 who started in '03 beat him at number of finds. AD0OR still has the record number of hides out of any cacher I have seen or heard about. I have checked many cachers' profiles so I know this. Thanks, and have a great day. gwf

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I don't look at challenge caches much. But there is one in CO known as the Tahosa Challenge. And you have given me a nice idea for a challenge cache down here in AZ, that I'm going to have to work on this winter.
ARGH -- I saw that one when it published and I see only one brave group has made a "find" on it. Yeah, Denali certainly did you proud with that one. 50 caches to find with an average terrain of something on the order of 4.0 and a handful of 5.0 difficulty multis thrown in just to keep it interesting! You certainly won't be forgotten around here for a long time to come. If we could get more air here, would you consider coming back?
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