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  1. I was told many years ago, speaking with a lackey, that benchmarks were going away. It was before it was relegated to the bottom of the page, where it is now. There were far too few people using it then. The cost to rewrite the code was far higher than the member fees of the people that use that portion of the site. It did not go away, they had not needed to touch that code at that time, but it was moved and not made a focus. So they are finally at a point where the code needs to be updated for future projects. It can't be left alone because it will impact those projects. I am thankful for the extra 7-8 years that I had with it, but i understand the sadness of others. I have a number of caches I found standing on a benchmark, and never logged the benchmarks. Just like tens of thousands of other cachers.
  2. Can it be changed so that when I export from the cache page with "Add to Calendar" it will export the times as well? I use google, not sure if that makes a difference.
  3. I pulled an old listing on my laptop from 2014ish, seems like the name is the same, and the write-up is the same. It is not like there was a change recently that I can see. As for being at this specific location, it could be as simple as he wants to see who is in the photo. I could take any picture of a guy sitting at the wall and say it was me.
  4. Yea thats one that is pretty against the guidelines. You do not leave anything at an Earthcache site. I am pretty sure an EarthCache reviewer would archive it.
  5. We have degraded from Geocaching and Bicycling (the topic) to traffic rules. Perhaps this should be in the off topic forum.
  6. This is not Google. There is a finite amount of resources and programmers. I bet if it was announced tomorrow someone would still find a way to complain about how long it took. When someone says a project will be a year out, do you expect 365 days, An announcement at 8460 hours? I don't think anyone does. They told us a month ago that it would be. They did give a heads up a month ago that it would be a few more weeks. I would say it has been handled very well. they reviewed in house, they took comments, reviewed some more, a survey, compiled that, then discussed with reviewers and lackeys, now finalizing things. Sorry with a limited number of programmers I would say they are doing very well. Of course people could always just complain to make themselves feel better. Kind of like I am doing about the people complaining.
  7. I would only ignore requirements that are obviously not grandfathered. Post a photo of yourself at the cache site. Email me for permission before logging. I have seen a few, very few where the photo would be allowed. Most of the time people use it to prove you were there or to have a picture collection. Those would not be allowed. I also emailed someone the correct answers to an EarthCache that their educational material was very very wrong. Some of the first and oldest EarthCaches may have questionable logging tasks, but still were ok at the time. Usually they will be considered grandfathered.
  8. I am in this camp. I also routinely ignore photos. Older stuff may be crappy, but they were allowed at that time and are typically grandfathered.
  9. On the search page https://www.geocaching.com/play/search There is a link for "find nearby events" if I click on it, it shows the recent events. However when I just clicked on the link, it did not show todays event. It did show up if I selected the "Show Past Events" bar at the top of the search. It would be nice if it showed up the entire day before dropping off into the "past events".
  10. To be clear, what you are saying is this: When an Earthcache is easy, expect people to utterly fail at it because it's too easy. That doesn't make any sense. There are other threads where people cry and scream about Earthcaches that are too hard. Blah blah you shouldn't need a degree blah blah. There are many kinds of Earthcaches, some are masters thesis with questions requiring a ton of work. But we are not discussing those. We are discussing the ones where all the answers are on the sign. You wanted answers with no thought put into your questions or development of a cache, you will get an answer that is just as nonsensical, a photo. It has the answers. As much as I would be annoyed as a cache owner, that has the answers. I tell many people to take the educational material from the signs to interpret what you see around you. Sign "The black layer is coal" Bad logging tasks "what is the black layer" or "the black layer is _____" Good logging tasks "Find the black vein identified from the sign. Is it uniform in thickness" "How does it vary from the other layers?" "Are there similar layers nearby?" "Go to the coal layer and describe the coal type....?
  11. Just a quick reminder. Earthcaches are primarily about geology and related fields. There are a lot that get denied focus on History, botany, and other non related fields.
  12. If all the answers are on the sign. Part of me thinks that is all you need. I am leaning with touchstone on this one. If you can answer everything with the sign, a photo is all you should need. If they did not answer #5 then they should include what is missing. The sign is not the Earthcache, it is the area around you. But,if you are going to allow almost everything to be answerable from the sign, then that is what you will get.
  13. This saddens me as well. I was also putting them out. I do not understand the issues some have with them. I ignore puzzles because I dislike them, others could do the same with these. Yet I do agree that some have used it to run off the rails and create something bizarre. I have no desire to find 100 caches with pumpkin in the name. However I do enjoy some of the ones that let me set some reasonable goals, I am sure that is different for everyone. I do hope this is a time to reflect to come up with a better way of doing things.
  14. If you choose to call a cache a TB-Hotel you do have some responsibility. You are claiming your cache is the correct size and a little better protected than many of the other caches in the area. In my opinion, you are promising to check on it a little more often than the micro, and make sure there are no issues, etc. In my area there are a few weeks in the year when youth programs teach about geocaches and send youth and families out to find them. Mine is on their list. I go out and gather the TB's up for a week or two and move them inside. The new people trying caching for the weekend tend to grab them and take them on the only day of their life they will ever cache. (sad experience taught me this) I felt I owe the TB owners a little more. I do not think it is my responsibility to go get them, or move them along. Sometimes my geocache gets crowded with trackables. Then people tend to move the cool ones (coins and interesting objects) and leave some they consider lame (paper proxies, moldy items, broken stuff etc) I eventually feel pity and move them on. In other words if you are going to call it a TB hotel I think you are promising something to visitors, but you are not required to do all the moving into or out of the cache.
  15. The purpose of forums have changed. Having been involved in them for nearly 20 years the landscape has shifted. Most local forums are suffering a slow and lingering death. The discussions are somewhere else. Many people used to gather in social forums to discuss common interests, holding discussions, sharing photos, etc. Those have steadily shifted into social media (Facebook, Reddit, G+, etc.) Many people say "I don't facebook (or something else)" Your loss, in my opinion, those social sites are designed to be able to share simply, quickly, and distribute content in way that is faster and easier than forums. The forums serve a purpose, but social media is where the people are, and the reach is father.
  16. I have been slow. A family wedding and a camping trip away from internet delayed me. I will have mine out tomorrow.
  17. Personal Opinion here... There have only been 260,000 cachers that have found over 200 caches (cacherstats site), of those the majority are no longer active, and some are active but not premium memebers. My thoughts are that there are most likely 100,000-125,000 premium members. The income from that and the coins would cover the employees they have, servers, travel to events, and free swag given out, no one would have exorbitant salaries.
  18. I think details of this specific cache can be left out of this discussion. It can be taken to its own thread if the cache owner desires. We end up discussing this one cache rather than general behavior patterns that lead to the view by many that some cachers see as problematic. I just wonder if the DGS members have discussed poor behavior by some? Do they condemn them publicly when it occurs, or do they jump on the bandwagon to persecute others? My guess is most just stay quiet because the group is large enough that the problem is "over there in another state".
  19. This. that is what that is No it is not hearsay, I have seen the abuse and read the logs, Facebook, and forums. Once again, they were by a few in the group, but I saw a few others join in rather than tell them to calm down.
  20. There are great DGS members, and there are others that seem to do nothing but cause grief. I have a number of people that are a member of the DGS that are great people, push the limits, place great caches, and I enjoy the time I have spent with them. The hard part is disassociating the handful of noisy bad players, that cause problems, with those that do not. In my area it is not hard, they are a great bunch. The problem is that I hear of issues where a DGS member does something distasteful, and rather than the other members pointing out to them their error, many of them circle the wagons. That is usually the way to determine if a group believes something or not. For example if cacher XYZ sends threatening emails, steals caches, or something else, and you defend that person and circle the wagons, then the group looks bad. If you denounce him, then it is a separate act. That does not mean you have to accept a bad decision if it is wrong. Sadly Irarely see the DGS denounce people that do something wrong. Sometimes they have even joined in the harassment.
  21. This is just me throwing stuff out there. I am guessing that if they ever wanted to open a distribution center for cache supplies, or place a small office somewhere in Europe, they would be responsible for all the past VAT taxes. So if they ever wanted to keep that option open they would need to be paying the VAT If I was selling something out of my home, and I was never growing, I would not worry about it. But if I was a growing company and I had a long term plan with the possibility then I would want to keep up on my payments.
  22. That is exactly how it works in America. Different cities, locations and business types have different tax rates. You find out what you owe when you pay at the checkout, it is not included in the menu, room rates, or advertised prices. We also have no idea if the person actually passes it on. The tax man checks that. I still think 90% of this is that people are mad they have to pay tax. Groundspeak is supposed to collect that tax, and they are choosing to pay that now. If you have issues with that talk to the EU or your local tax people.
  23. Here are a few screenshots I try and enter my name/password and get this error failed1 by firennice, on Flickr If I enter only my name (as shown here) failed2 by firennice, on Flickr when I click enter without entering a password I get this message failed3 by firennice, on Flickr However immediately after it loads and I get this screen. Note that I am not logged into Wherigo (behind), and I never put a password in the software. failed4 by firennice, on Flickr This does not appear to work on new cartridges, only ones I am updating. On a side, how to I create a GWZ file on my machine to upload? Rather than a GWC, and not creating it by uploading it? Oh.. text editor to edit the GUID #?
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