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Benchmark Picture Contest 2009 part 2

Black Dog Trackers

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Well it's already near the end of July so I'm starting a part 2 for 2009.

Previous versions of the contest are here:

2009 part 1

2008 part 2

2008 part 1

2007 part 2

2007 part 1

2006 part 3

2006 part 2

2006 part 1

2005 part 2

2005 part 1



This thread is for posting really good benchmark pictures, either your own or someone else's.

You are a contest winner if your picture is shown here for all to see and enjoy!


1. No intersection stations (the station IS the tower, building, etc.) Why? Well they all look pretty good, but they're not really all that 'benchmarky'.


2. The disk has to be at least vaguely visible in the picture. No - 'view from', 'the area', etc. with no PID marker in it. Why? It's gotta be a Benchmark picture!


3. No closeup of just the disk. (Come on, it's just a disk - where's the nice scenery?)" A close pictures is OK if it includes some surrounding interesting environment.


So, here we go !



ANTERO by 2/3Marine




E 292 by lost02



CRYSTAL by titocache



S 78 by TillaMurphs



TULE by lost02



LACY 1972 by dlanderos






G 40 by southpawaz



SCOTT RM3 by Mega Scooter

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Not exactly the wide open spaces, but here in Mass., these are few and farther between...This is MY6400 in Beverly, at the center rear of the ledge, under the shadow of the tree branch. The former tree is a reference that once carried a "witness sign nailed to it." The disk, however, lives on...



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I was out Saturday driving along the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona (so much more descriptive than US 93 or "the road to Vegas," isn't it?) and though I didn't have any data loaded, thought I'd try to stop for a picture of a benchmark with a Joshua Tree. Pulled off at the right spot to catch ET1037, too bad it's been destroyed.



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Went on a great hike this week end from Dawson Saddle to Mount Islip via Throop and Hawkins Peaks, then down to Little Jimmy Campground and back to Windy Gap. Good training. Here's a nice pic of EV9281 and the top of the old stone hut on Mount Islip:



here's the rest of the remains of the stone hut:



I suppose that the stone hut was used by the folks manning the fire lookout tower, which is gone now.

The only thing some quick research turned up on the hut was that it was built around 1927, and used (as I guessed) by the fire tower crews.

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My hubby snapped this one while on Pigeon Key, FL. AA0292. I am standing at the mark verifying the stamping.

We had to walk 2.5 miles on the old 7 mile bridge to get here.


This is AA0921 taken from the north end of the new 7 mile bridge in the Florida Keys.

The old 7 mile bridge to the right leads to Pigeon Key.

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Drove up to the Pleasanton CA area (Northern CA) for Thanksgiving with relatives (fun!), from our home area in Southern CA (about a 7 hour drive at ummm.... usually legal speeds). Spent an afternoon Benchmark hunting with friend Wintertime. Here's one in the hills south of Livermore, and a pretty old barn. It was a little hazy / drizzly on & off all afternoon. The mark is in the white curb, bottom center,



Here's one a few days later, of a beautiful old steel truss bridge near Pleasanton CA. The disc is

in the curb near the very lower left of the picture.



Check out the "non BM" picture thread for our flock of about 35 Wild Turkeys (on the day after Thanksgiving!)

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My first MORC stone, SQ0611 TROVERS, ran a close second;


the stone - pipe with cap is nearby



looking NW down to the Devils Creek campground on Fort Peck Reservoir in the CMR NWR.


but my favorite has to be this one, QX0347 N 139, because of the technical challenge of scaling the abandoned bridge abutment once I got there, all the while being encouraged by an an Osprey family - at least I think that they were saying "Go, Mike, Go", or was it just "GO"?


A long rescue bag rope helped.


Adult and three chicks.


The Brass


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Happy New Year Everybody,


Looks like I need to start taking more area pix when I'm out finding brass.


Here's Independence Rock (The Register of the Desert) on the Oregon Trail in Wyoming.


This granite monolith is one of the more famous landmarks along the Oregon Trail and has served as a meeting place since the area was first inhabited. Pioneers tried to reach Independence Rock by July 4 in order to reach their untimate destinations before winter snowfall.



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