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  1. Shirley & all, I have not been active in the '2oldfarts' area for several years, but always enjoyed reading their founds. Sorry that John is gone. Have fond memories of spending a delightful day, 18 November 2011, with him at the Lees Ferry historic landing. Ran levels from GP0234 down to the rivers edge, trying to get an elevation correlation to assist in locating GP0236. Not found that day, nor on later visits by me. The campground host gave us a boat ride four miles up river and put us on a rock shelf that had marginal potential for GP0237, which also remains Not Found. USGS photos taken 24-29 Sept 1921 pinpoints the 'large rock in the river with a vertical staff'; but I don't believe the slopping shoreline rock ever had a disk in it. This is the only BM that I will bother to salvage from Groundspeak. kayakbird
  2. Oops! All, I woke up in the middle of the night knowing that I had used the wrong term. And I still Geocache PV05235 every chance I get, but do not recover to NOAA this best ever intersection station. kayakbird
  3. All, The original post should have use 'benchmark' instead of' landmark'. A landmark may be, or have an official NOAA benchmark (sometimes two words) associated with it. Please save the snide comments for other social media. MEL From the 'net': " Semantics! "bench mark" associated with surveying can be referred to a permanent mark created at a recognized height which is used as the basis for measuring different altitude of topographical point. 2 : general semantics 3a : the meaning or relationship of meanings of a sign or set of signs especially : connotative meaning b : the language used (as in advertising or political propaganda) to achieve a desired effect on an audience especially through the use of words with novel or dual meanings noun noun: landmark; plural noun: landmarks 1. an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location. "the spire was once a landmark for ships sailing up the river" "
  4. foxtrot_xray & all, Many of the Geocache one time snapshot Datasheets monument-ed dates have been changed. Quite a few, I think, because of information in all the Precise Level Net documents that floated to the surface with internet searches. I believe that PLN-18 was one that I used extensively a dozen years ago, but can't pull it up right now. MEL
  5. Datasheet history for EE0017 has been updated; but not EE0061. EE0017 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By EE0017 HISTORY - 1900 MONUMENTED CGS My all time favorite - a recessed square; which took a rod with a special end. History also now updated. Sorry for the repeat reference from several threads ago. EV0852 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By EV0852 HISTORY - 1907 MONUMENTED CGS MEL https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=ev0852
  6. Thanks, Bill. Attached is an old thread of mine on these points: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/262734-1930s-state-survey-benchmark-motherlode/
  7. Albany County, Wyo is a hotspot for a sub-set of very interesting marks. The 'and State Survey' series from a special, but very short lived, Depression Era program. Tried, but failed, to find a link to one of Jerry Penry's write up on these. The linked PDF covers everything. kayakbird Bottles, Pots, & Pans?-Marking the surveys of the U.S. Coast ... https://www.ngs.noaa.gov › Survey_Mark_Art
  8. All, Most of my found chiseled marks are in the southwest with a few northeast of Duluth. Remembered that there was one somewhere in ND, and it took awhile to dredge TG0045 out of my transit book for August 2009. Was interesting to see that the 'Unknown by CGS (MONUMENTED)' has been updated to 'TG0045 HISTORY - 1913 MONUMENTED CGS' in the current DATASHEET. MEL Photos in link: https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_mark.prl?PidBox=TG0045
  9. ItsDiamondWolf, Do a search for 'settings' in this forum. Many, many possibilities - I particularly liked the 'chiseled square' in rocks or concrete. kayakbird
  10. Bill93 @ all, A search for 'Garden Hoe Rake Hand Tools 15 Inch Gardening Cultivator' brings up several $20.00+/- options for one similar to the one I found near EV0852 6Mar2010. The hoe end has been welded back on a couple of times. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=EV0852
  11. Stumbled upon this tidbit of history on the word 'gage'. MEL https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/why-does-usgs-use-spelling-gage-instead-gauge?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products
  12. A reference mark could be some distance from the primary location. Wonder if there might be a series of monitoring wells having to do with that railroad yard 600 yards to the northeast. MEL
  13. All (hoping some of the professionals jump in. 20 + years since I learned and almost that long since practiced) Basics: Equipment: 1] Level instrument on tripod (three wire is best for accuracy, but time consuming) 2] Graduated Rod 3] Note book Crew: 4] Instrument person 5] Rod person 6] Note taker & calculator or a pre-programmed device operated by the instrument person Need to know the starting elevation - can be a job site reference number large enough to avoid getting into minus territory. Technique: A] Rod on starting point, read a plus number up to the tube, rod moves to a turning point (rock, temporary pin) read a minus #, instrument moves (intervals should be balanced - try to not have to go up & down over hummocks), read another plus (back up to the tube), etc,etc,etc to the new (to-be-determined point). Note: The rod should be waved gently straight at the instrument and back. B] Go back to the starting point, using different turning points. C] Do the math - hopefully within the project error of maybe 2 or 3/100's. D] Check for calculation errors, or do it again. Imagine doing that to establish a point every few miles on both banks in the Missouri River Breaks. MEL
  14. 'Level Run' check? Any nearby educational institutions teaching surveying? Looks like several marks along a three mile reach of that road could be tied to. EZ1183.The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and EZ1183.adjusted by the NATIONAL GEODETIC SURVEY EZ1183.in June 1991. 'Nearby' out here in Montana =< 200 miles. kayakbird
  15. Hi All, I remember seeing the term 'driven to refusal' in the datasheets for the long rod with brass cap attached as Bill93 mentioned. This newer style does have poured concrete supporting the hinged lid and an unknown length of PVC. Don't see any tool marks on the one in question, but wonder if outdoorsoccer gave that 10ft + rod a slight tug? EZ1965_SETTING: 49 = STAINLESS STEEL ROD W/O SLEEVE (10 FT.+ Found one placed in 1983 that had un-disturbed insulation still there in 2009. QX0554 kayakbird
  16. Does Germany have PID's? And are there any fresh water ones in the US that do? MEL Several PID's on a bridge sidewalk down there. MEL
  17. All, If anyone is considering doing four hour sessions within 100 miles or so of the center of Montana [47° 03' 52" -109° 40' 01" per Wiki] post the PIDs here and I will attempt to recover them. Would post any updates here also. Limited snow cover right now. MEL
  18. Bill93, Thanks for clarifying the equipment requirements. Was hoping a 'mapping' unit might work - have a GIS technician friend that would have done a few nearby ones for me. I think that I know of a couple that have likely been taken out by road projects. Will check them on a bird watching trip next spring. kayakbird
  19. latahgps, Do you know what GPS grade is required? Tried to find this information on the "GPS on Bench Marks" link where it does show the color dot legend. Checked a couple Priority A marks that I recovered 10 years ago in Fergus County, Montana and found that the elevation that can be plucked off Google Earth is much closer to the Data Sheet that what my recreation grade (HH2) numbers were. MEL
  20. foxtrot_xray & all, LW4049'CRANBERRY BOG ACCESS ROAD NEAR THE SE CORNER OF THE BOG. THE EAST FACE LW4049'OF THE STONE HAS A CARVED B AND THE WEST FACE A CARVED M. LW4049'THE STONE IS A CORNER MARK OF THE BARNSTABLE AND MASHPEE TOWN BOUNDARY Looks like they did a lot of work to get PID's, with datasheets, for some obscure boundary corners; but never added them to the game tabulation. kayakbird
  21. Hi All, A somewhat connected sub-set would be PID's south of the Medicine Line that were placed by the Geodetic Survey of Canada: My ten year old GSAK download shows 15 in Montana placed by 'GSC'. The only two that I got to have standard US Coast & Geodetic Survey brass caps. TK0419'DESCRIBED BY GEODETIC SURVEY OF CANADA 1922 TK0447'DESCRIBED BY GEODETIC SURVEY OF CANADA 1923 Was hoping to find one of theirs. There is Mexican brass in Nogales, Arizona. kayakbird
  22. TH0878'DESCRIBED BY INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY COMMISSION 1911 (CHS) TH0878'ABOUT 2-1/2 MILES NORTHWEST OF INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY MONUMENT 554, TH0878'IN SE 1/4 SECTION 18, TOWNSHIP 1, RANGE 22 W, SECOND MERIDIAN. THE TH0878'STATION IS ON THE MORE SOUTHERN OF TWO PEAKS ON A PROMINENT RIDGE. TH0878' TH0878'STATION MARK--A CAIRN OVER A BRONZE DISK MARKED---U.S. AND C.B. TH0878'SURVEY---SET IN CONCRETE. I have a several year old tabulation that lists several more north of the Medicine Line north of Sheridan County, Montana. Should be a couple of previous threads on this subject. Seems like there are a few Down East also. MEL
  23. outdoorsoccer, I'll take a delayed stab at answering your question based on ten year old information and techniques. The best thing that I did back then was down load most of western states into Excel spreadsheets via GSAK. I would then do a bunch of sorts for subsets that were of interest to me: WW II iron caps, flared stem caps, very short lived depression 'and State Survey' caps, early 1900's Precise Level Net strings tabulated in Special Publication #18 (foxtrot_xray got at least one this trip), and of course, Missouri River Commission cap, pipe & stone combinations, along with a few Morc bolts leaded in native rocks. Once I figured out how the true Bench Mark string naming convention worked it was easier to home in on anything older than I; and if I was mostly on a bird watching trip could take time to get just the Z - A adjacent pairs. Just used a basic HH2 GPSr - no smart phones with beep, beep, beep apps. Mostly hunkering out here in the center of Montana and would be happy to attempt to answer any questions - from any one. kayakbird
  24. foxtrot_xray, Glad that you got to make the trip up to GLO Post 19 on a Montana Chamber of Commerce Big Sky day. 1255 NOAA weather at Three Forks: Calm, 25 mile visibility, temperature climbing into the 70s° F. kayakbird
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