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  1. yeah, how many will actually be released to the wild vs how many will just be kept for the Insta Snap Twit Tik postings? I'm almost as bad. Years ago I got one of the Geico geckos. It traveled to a few caches, then sat in one for almost a year. I went out, collected it, and it's been sitting on my desk ever since. At least I did release it first.
  2. Stolen? I think it's much more likely that it would be broken to pieces. I had a scorpion that I caught in my house, sprayed with Raid. I put the corpse in a glass jar to show family or friends. After a few months the legs came off the body etc. This was a glass jar just sitting on a shelf, not being disturbed really. In a cache that people handle, or dig through, or drop when they are surprised - I doubt it would stay intact for long.
  3. this "new look" went live back in 2017, didn't it ? I haven't changed anything, logged without problem using Firefox on the website when I found some caches back in October, but today I am having the same issue, unable to change the log type so that I can log a note. eta: I did post a DNF and notes in October, not just found.
  4. Out of my own trackables: I had a geocoin picked up Jan 2011 in the Netherlands. The same cacher dropped it into a cache in Colorado, USA in Aug 2019. So, after a 8 1/2 year break, it's now back out there. It bounced around several states and was last reported 2 weeks ago in Finland
  5. dd's Red Flanders Poppy has traveled 47814 miles, 76949 km. since release in April 2008. The first cacher to pick it up after I dropped it took it from Arizona to France, and it has been bouncing around Europe most of the time since then. It made a fly-by visit to Quebec CA in February of 2015, then back to Europe. It also made quick visits in the Azores, Canary Islands, and Malta . Last "proof of life" photo was in 2014. With 2504 records, the map is a little too cluttered for me to see clearly which countries it has visited, but it has spent a significant amount of time visiting caches in Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and the UK. Second place, released two days later, is at 44000 miles, 70811 km. Sick to death of the endless "took it to" logs...
  6. Great example of just how worthless this log voting really is - The only log that has received any votes, both Great Story and Helpful.... TFTC. LOL
  7. J, T, or F would be my suggestion.
  8. I did get points for TB dropped today. I tried refreshing the Friend League page to see if the points went through, and it loads randomly in French, German, or English. I may just give up on this promo and stay stuck somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn...
  9. I usually do at least a quick scan of the cache page, but it has gotten to the point where there really isn't much point in it. There is rarely anything to help you find the cache anymore. I think the worst ones I came across were from a prolific hider, who had done a power trail off a rugged dirt road. There was some detail about the road, the conditions you might encounter, etc etc. Which was just fine for that power trail. The problem is that was all that was in the description for each and every cache on the trail, and then they started to just copy & paste that description to every other cache they did, even though the cache might be miles away, on a different road or not near any road, not part of a power trail... I also used to read previous logs on caches, to see if there were problems or hints on finding a cache. Now, they are usually just the same copy / paste garbage " Went out, found some, didn't find some." Or a narration covering their entire 2000 mile roadtrip, with no mention of anything specific to the cache.
  10. Soo, why, if I renewed my membership last year on Feb 17, does it expire today Feb 3 ? Why am I losing 2 weeks ? PayPal payment history for the last 4 years was Feb 16, 12, 16, and 17. And on my membership edit page, under Renewal Status, it just has a link to their Cancellation & Refund Policy. I guess I'll see what it says tomorrow...
  11. Maybe they realized there are very few trackables still out there in the wild, at least in some areas. I did a search for caches near home, then looked at the pages of caches showing trackables. I went through around 30 pages before I gave up. There were few caches that showed anything in inventory, and almost all of those trackables hadn't been seen in 2 years or more. I'm considering releasing a "homemade" travel bug for one of mine that has gone missing years ago. If it doesn't move because players don't recognize it, o well. If it disappears... no, when it disappears, no worse off then it is now.
  12. Expanding on this thought - Pull the tickets for the best prizes first, so that everyone with a ticket has a fair chance at them. Then call them out last.
  13. Are you talking about the puzzle to solve ? I still have the image of the maze saved if you need it. Unfortunately, I cleared some clutter in my email folders and don't have the first one anymore.
  14. _dxd_

    GW14er coin

    Thank you, much appreciated. Now I can have them labeled for the family, just in case.
  15. _dxd_

    GW14er coin

    I attended GW14er in Denver; with my registration I received the regular event coin and the LE version. There is nothing in the plastic pouch to identify which is which. One is shiny nickel, other is antique nickel. The only info I can find online is there are 3 finishes. Can anyone tell me for sure which is the LE ? I know I would find out if I activated them, but I haven't decided yet if I will.
  16. LOL same here. Maybe server overload as everyone is looking for caches etc for GeoWoodstock.
  17. It's not just you, I'm getting the same error when I try to access my profile from the avatar/name up at the top of the pages. I can get there from the forum, and can even edit my profile so it recognizes I am logged in, I just can't do the quick link.
  18. LOL sorry, wasn't thinking. Of course, you could make your own chaps Harley store is off the I-10 near Ina Rd, or there is a biker outlet called Renegade Classics at 4745 Speedway sorry for the hijack
  19. I don't know if you're still looking or already found the leather, but there are two Tandy Leather stores in Tucson, one near Park Place Mall on Broadway, other on Palo Verde. I'm sure you're well aware of the dangers, but please be a little extra careful down here in So AZ, there is a lot of illegal activity going on out there.
  20. _dxd_

    beta maps

    I'm having the same problem, none of the icons are showing. None of the cache types are de-selected, and I have tried clicking them off and on, but there is no change to the map display. I also refreshed the page, and tried the Shift Reload. It shows "transferring data" in the status bar, but there are no changes on the display. It was working fine for me yesterday and I haven't changed anything since then.
  21. I was in Oregon and Washington for a few days, mostly sightseeing, but did find a very few caches and benchmarks. Unfortunately, I can't find these in the GS or the NGS database. Disk in photo is stamped GLO 1956 No 1, view is west towards the North Head Lighthouse, WA. Nearby USACE disk marked NO HEAD L OFFSET which some people are logging for the lighthouse and a plain disk stamped USLHS No 1 and under a scratched-in arrow, No 2 59 F. I know there were a lot of others around, but I was sightseeing. This place is pretty cool, too. The mark is the top of the dome.
  22. Only have a little weather input, just based on my own experience, I've traveled some of those routes, at various times. Most of NM would probably be similar to Tucson, just a bit cooler, maybe some chance of rain lingering IF we get a monsoon this year. The best chances would be around Santa Fe north, depending on which roads you travel. Oops, guess you're not going to Santa Fe. Bernalillo to Bloomington will be out across high desert, kind of desolate maybe ? Durango to Ridgeway - Mid-September I think there is a chance of snow through the mountains. I was there the end of September one year, and there was around a foot of snow on the ground at Red Mountain Pass, though the Million Dollar Highway was good and clear. I was in CO last September, and within a couple days had sunny 70s, rainy 60s, and 30s with sleet in the mountains. Ridgeway to Grand Junction, and on into UT - 70s, maybe 80s around Grand Junction. If someone local to those areas tells you differently, ignore everything I wrote, this was just my experience LOL
  23. I can certainly understand the hesitation this one isn't particularly old, it's only somewhat historical, but it's the only one of these that I know of that can be logged through Groundspeak. I found it June of 2010, next log is dated Jan 2011. Notice the difference in the pictures of the disc ?
  24. What I don't like about the "visited" option is that it doesn't seem to generate a notification email at all. I'm currently holding a TB that has visited several caches with me, and I put it on watchlist, but I haven't received any notifications so I'm guessing that the owner hasn't either. Unless he actually looks at the TB page, he'll be thinking that I'm just holding on to the TB and not doing anything with it.
  25. well, at least I didn't report that one to NGS I'd only been sort of looking for benchmarks for a little while, and didn't know all the specifics of conditions, etc. Still don't, but anyway, at the time I just probably thought it meant the condition of the disc. Hah ! I just looked at the current datasheet, and they used my photos from the log at GS btw, where does it say that it was leaning in the 1962 report ? It is mentioned as a slight angle in the 2003 log by wildearth2001.
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