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  1. Thanks Bill93(ish?) - please keep these posts coming.
  2. It is FUN! Many skills involved An excuse to get out and walk around in the boondocks. Historical Technical Lots of details Get your OCD on!!
  3. Four hour drive for me but I've got some time off soon with no plans, maybe ... I used to spend a lot of time just west of there north of Lake Berryessa - nice country.
  4. I use GE Tools a lot - the quality of the USGS Topo overlays at Google Earth Library is so good, I went ahead and purchased a few. Check it out, they have a couple of freebies to try out.
  5. Just how the numbers work out after the adjustment - it's a quality assesment?
  6. Hmmm all those around the base are Class II - what has the most affect on that, distance to a class I control? Is there one variable that typically affects that the most? Is a handheld GPSr OK to carry (opposed to the one in my phone and camera)?
  7. Excellent, some of my favorite - and I see there are a few of them. Definitely Jefferson Pier, I'm reading a biography of him now. And, Thanks for the tip - no benchmark hunting paraphernalia, be nice and courteous to the men and women in uniform. I didn't know about the pocket knifes - I carry one out of habit. thnx.
  8. Oh yea, I almost forgot that one. These are also on my list - easy pickings: HV1846, HV1847, HV1886
  9. I'll be in D.C. in a couple of weeks and my wife has already laid down the law - NO BENCHMARKING!! But if we happened to walk past a couple of marks while we are seeing the sites, which might be the best to accidentally trip over? (Sometimes you have to be a stealth, ninja, benchmark hunter).
  10. Here's a Primary up in the 35th parallel part of the state - the scenery on the 1st page of the article was kinda deja-vu San Jose Reset - FV1440
  11. A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went on a speed run and found about 29/50 along Jolon Road in Monterey county, Ca - YEAY!! I have been lazily logging them on GC.com (lazy is the operative word here) and included my found coordinates to 2 decimal places (seconds). I thought about it a bit and said 'well its only a GC log, I'll do it right when I log to the NGS'. I finished up my GC logs and started in on the NGS logs. I typically look to see if there is a recent recovery first and much to my surprise the PIDs I logged a week ago all have HH1 coordinates that match my GC logs. I don't think my Colorado has suddenly become that accurate. Anyway ... perhaps there is an automated process now that is pulling the coordinates off GC logs and determining the accuracy by the resolution used when we post them. I went back and edited all those logs and rounded correctly. FV0218 FV0219 FV0220 FV0221 FV0222 FV0223 FV0224 FV0767 FV0769 FV0770 FV0771 FV0773 FV0774 FV0946 FV0948 FV0950 FV1823 FV1951 GU2406 GU2407 GU2413 GU2416 GU2417 GU2418 GU2887 GU4310 GU4311 GU4312 GU4313
  12. DSWorld You may like the Google Earth app also - same author as NGS>>GPX http://ngs.tsqmadness.com/ge/index.aspx
  13. Yeay - thnx. I use it a lot - it seems to load much faster now.
  14. I ran across this in the gallery and couldn't quite believe it was set in a tree?!! QE0096
  15. Waymrking.com if you'ld like. How old is it, maybe you could find it in this 1911 publication Annual report of the Isthmian Canal Commission - Google Books
  16. I have been using FizzyCalc, which I found on Holoscene's wiki, - its pretty handy for conversions/projections and getting vectors/azimuths&distances
  17. I just ran California thru NGSGPX the other day, it hung twice but ran thru the whole file the third time. I like to use (G)AWK scripts to extract datasheets out of the state file - its pretty fast.
  18. Did you take a gander at Wallace Creek while you were down this way? If you'ld like, next time your coming to the central coast, send me PM and maybe we could hunt a few together. I don't get out much lately but I check the forums often.
  19. The description says that it is on the southwest end of the abutment and that it is 14' from the road centerline. The "BM" in your pic looks like it is on the northeast end of that abutment and more than 14 feet from the road centerline.
  20. Or this file for Google Earth: http://ngs.tsqmadness.com/ge/benchmark_150.kmz website: Google Earth Survey Marker & USGS Map Overlays | TSQMadness.com
  21. On a lighter note you can filter a dat file for stations with less than 1 meter difference between orthometric and geoid heights - find those stations and stand on or touch a mathematical construct - the ellipsoid. how cool is that. a project i've been itching to do.
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