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How far has your furthest Bug Traveled?


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I know this is not anywhere near the record, but I do think it is neat that I have a bug that has circumnavigated the globe, starting in Durango, Colorado and now resides in Denver, Colorado after having traveled more than 27,000 miles. Here is the link:




I have one other one that also has over 20,000 miles on it.


How far has your furthest traveled bug traveled??



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It looks like my TB will take up the last position in the standings with only 7,175 miles on it. This was one of the first trackables I released and since I was snowed in up here in Michigan I mailed it to a very nice geocacher in South Africa who was kind enough to not only release it for me, but to also take it all over their country with them, dipping it in caches and posting lots of really great photos of it.


Oh by the way, I did not dip it in a local cache before mailing it so all those miles are miles moved by cachers and not miles moved by the postal service. This TB is called Duck With a Bad Attitude and you can see it here: CLICK HERE . It is currently sitting in the middle eastern country of Qatar and I can't wait to see where it goes next!!!! :D

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;) DO Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I am writting NASA and asking them to take mine on the next space-shuttel, then send it back to me :)


E-mail sent :D

We were already working on that one, we just need to find a way to 1) get the a cache placed in space (EarthCache maybe?) and 2) get the altitude fingured into the coordinates for the correct vertical mileage.

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I'm still at 0 for even my furthest-traveling TBs. There are three in the field, all being held onto by the cachers who picked them up months ago. Dirty darn!


I'm going to be a happy camper when they get placed, though. The person who has two of them is a friend of a friend, and they're at least 1448 miles away from their starts...if only they would get somewhere!

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I have two bugs that have gotten over 20,000 miles.


1. Jake (TBJ9KA) has traveled 27,810 miles starting in South Georgia, USA and is currently in Hungary.


2. Megavolt’s Escape (TBE45C) has traveled 26,774 miles starting in South Mississippi traveling to Hawaii & Egypt, disappearing for about 3 years and ending up in California.

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