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  1. Blossom http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1481290 - 9,666.2 Miles
  2. Hello, If you are not caching anymore or don't want a travel bug Team Foxx will take your bug or coin. Please just send an adoption to us by going to the link here http://geocaching.com/adopt/ Thanks Team Foxx
  3. Hello, My Dad (billzers) and I want to make a username together. He is a slacker and always logs his finds months after he has found them, lol. How can I convert my logs and trackables? Thanks Billy
  4. Hi, I really want to attend a Geowoodstock but the closest one is 14 hours away in Tennessee from NY. We don't have the time to drive down so I want one nearby. Who do I contact to ask? Please help me!!! Thanks Billy
  5. When you recieve your TB in the mail, why does it come with a copy? I have always been wondering that....
  6. Today I went to the Great Wolf Lodge and they broadcasted me! My sister got taped too! http://pahomepage.com/content/fulltext/?cid=70501 I am the boy in the front raft!
  7. It dosen't have to be locked but I would like to just incase a muggle stumbles upon it. It is very rare because the Hotel is on private property in the bushes. It is 0.8 miles away from the highway so it is a good spot. I will swing by the hotel today and swipe it with the ammobox.
  8. I got the ammobox today and the lock does not fit on the box..... Any ideas???
  9. What was the cache called? What type of container was it??
  10. Hi, I have a Travel Bug Hotel on private property! My grandparents and uncle own the building! They gave me permission to hide a cache there! I am going to put an UTZ Pretzel Container in the bushes and spray paint it gray! Then cover it with rocks! I want to install a lock on it so can I drill through the top and sides? I will have my Dad help me with the drilling but he is not very bright when it comes to ideas! Thats why they have me... lol just kidding! What do you think?
  11. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bb-48bee790accf I have no idea why but the Amenties won't come down!
  12. Hello, A long time ago..... We ordered a Car TB! The Serial Number was different from the one on the paper! So, we just ignored it and replaced it with the right number..... We ordered it from aetoys and now they are closed! What do we do?
  13. I tired to do it but it did not work! It would be great if you could send me an email! I will send you the page of what needs to be bold, etc. Thanks Foxx1090
  14. Hello, My Dad is going to San Diego tommorow for work. I wanted to know if someone could make a TB Hotel near this address: 1380 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA Thanks! Please put lots of TBs in it!
  15. Hello, I have used a website before and they let me print out these "official geocache" papers. I put them in some of my caches but I can't find the link! Its a PDF. Thanks Foxx1090
  16. I forgot to mention: Email the owner of the TB before you send it! Thank you BlueDeuce. I am trying to get bugs with foregin origins! If you have a TB that you want to get rid of that has a different origin then the USA email the cache owner about mailing it!
  17. Hello! I am making a TB Hotel right off the highway at our family-owned buisness. I wanted to know if people from around the world could mail us travel bugs. I will give you the address to the buisness if you send me an email at foxx1090@gmail.com Please just send your name where you are from and the TB link. We are trying to get as much TBs as possible and would like travelers from all over the world. I would appreciate your help! Foxx1090
  18. Hyatt Regency Travel Bug Hotel Is Huge! Anchorage - Big Wild Life is in a Info. Center!
  19. Does anyone know? I am making a TB and Geocoin Transit!
  20. How Do You get bold, italics, and color on your geocache listing?
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