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  1. I found on that took you to a wooden sculpture of a bear. It had beady black eyes recessed into its head. One of them was a magnetic nano.
  2. Just this past week, I had some people signing a (littered) cash register receipt and claiming that the cache container had been muggled. Uh, no. It was there the whole time. I don't mind if you forgot your pen, but if you didn't even find a container you don't get to log a smiley.
  3. Were there more than 977 folks at Geowoodstock? Maybe you were just the only one willing to take the DNF.
  4. In days shy of my 3rd anniversary, I've only found one cache on the 14th of the month.
  5. I've got a not-quite-irrational fear of coming across a dead homeless person while caching in a city park.
  6. My dream cache... however.. my wife does not agree... did she look like Faith Hill? Nah, she looke more like Jewel Wives are like that, I hear. awww I love jewel, she should get divorced and marry me, shed be much better off... She gave up dumpster diving when she moved out of her van. Plus, it's just not a natural thing for an Alaskan. We're used to bear-proof garbage containers (hard to get into). Sorry.
  7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I never find more caches than I'm willing to log. If it's too much for me to make 4 clicks, then I've got other problems.
  8. I'd buy that. My SUV does not have a tire on the back (still a good idea though). I spy one in the store already...
  9. Maybe even have a trackable option. I bet that would be nice and visible, especially for SUVers with tinted windows.
  10. I've only found muggles while caching. Smoking makes me sick.
  11. Personally, I'd rather go geocaching with Kari. Heck, I'd even do the ET PT if she'd do a ride-along. I'll take Grant. I bet even repetitive micros would be fun if you found them with a robot.
  12. I'm the kind who won't go many places without her little dog. It's usually just me and my lhasa apso, but I bring friends when I can. I enjoy both urban and backcountry hides and seek whatever fits into my itinerary. One of the things I love most about geocaching is that it's brought me to places I probably wouldn't have found otherwise - and I'm constantly surprised at how many of these are in more urban locations.
  13. I've seen parks use nylon cording to fence off an area that needs special protection. When combined with "habitat restoration - please stay out" signs, it seems to be pretty effective. Perhaps if you put a version of the geocaching symbol on the sign as well, folks would realize that this means them.
  14. My rule: Never find more caches than you're willing to log. The most caches I've ever found over a weekend is just about 30 (including 6 EarthCaches). I didn't have internet access while I was camping, so I couldn't log them day by day. When I got home, it took me 5 hours to write all the logs, but I managed to do it.
  15. I've found caches where I never visit the actual cache page - used a PQ to put the info directly into my GPSr, used that paperless info during the hunt, and then used the field notes feature on the website to log the find.
  16. ...and i'd be happy with a special train icon... And I'd whine about how that's not fair because the nearest one to me is 2500+ miles away...
  17. I wish I wrote this, but alas, I am not the genius that is Marian Call. Sing it loud, my friends. I give to you "I'll Still be a Geek: The Nerd Anthem" All the cool kids keep enthusiasm rationed Right down to the last explosive ounce But I'd rather indulge my many passions Even if my squaritude's a little too pronounced Perhaps I do not strike you as a geek Without the horn-rimmed glasses and knee-high argyle socks But nerdery is more than wardrobe deep And I'm a nerd down in my heart and that's where nerdhood rocks I'm better aquainted than a good girl ought to be With Aragorn and Yo-Saf-Bridge and Worf and HAL and Han But you don't really know me and my culture don't control me So don't you pigeon hole me 'cause my phaser's set to stun! I have been a nerd since long before I could have heard That bookish girls should look and act a certain way And I'll still be a geek when I am utterly antique Because I do not care what normal people say My superpower's draining fun from parties But if I am a misfit then I'm in good company With Auden, Austin, Hawking, Galileo and Van Gogh, And countless other weirdos whom you really ought to know So stow your expectations, no I won't fix your PC And I don't mind being underrated or ignored The world is much too interesting to entertain ennui And I won't ever play it cool so I won't ever once be bored Oh, I have been a nerd since long before anyone heard That pale and scrawny was the latest fashion trend And I'll still be a geek after nobody thinks it's chic Because I don't require approval in the end In aught-four, D-Kwon's Dance Grooves swept the country And suddenly old moon boots were Italian haute couture Time magazine reported that our time had finally come I guess they didn't know that we already run the world I have been a nerd since my first five syllable word And no TV series or movie changes that And I'll still be a geek now Vote for Pedro's so last week I do not care whether Milan endorses plaid I have been a nerd since long before anyone heard That thin and scrawny was the latest fashion trend And I'll still be a geek after nobody thinks it's chic Because I don't require approval in the end I have been a nerd since long before anyone heard That thin and scrawny was the latest fashion trend And I'll still be a geek after nobody thinks it's chic You will find that I have nothing to defend No, I don't need your approval in the end…
  18. The GC code could make for a decent call number. Sure, it won't look quite like a regular call number but I reckon most folks wouldn't notice - particularly in an especially ignored part of the collection. Or make it the street number for the old library's address (easy puzzle and way to tie the first location to the second). As for the name, I vote for "Paperback Writer" or perhaps "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", but that may be mostly because I'm currently cooking up at least slightly devious plans for a Beatles series.
  19. In my area, the "available in winter" attribute tends to serve that purpose.
  20. I found a few skinned beavers, left in the woods to rot. They seemed pretty fresh. Actually, that was during the Weekend of Dead Wildlife. I also saw many road-killed porcupines (some more or less near caches). There was a really old pile of moose guts near another cache. A different cache site had what appeared to be pieces of a caribou and maybe a rabbit. Oh, and I accidentally killed a robin when it flew in front of my car. I was driving from one cache to another. It was my first roadkill.
  21. I asked about this a couple weeks ago. The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it became that we can't have a personal TB visit an EarthCache. I mean, I can dip a TB through a cache I haven't even found, but I can't put a log on my dog's TB page showing our stop at an EarthCache.
  22. You're right that most people might not call you if they found your GPS lying around. But if you think about it, most of the places *you* go with your GPS are places that other geocachers are likely to visit after you leave. You're most likely to set your GPS down and forget about it in a couple places while caching: at your car and at the cache itself. If it's at the car, then just about anybody might find it, but if you forget it at the cache, it almost certain that the finder will also be a cacher. A cacher will also most likely have their own GPS and therefore would be more inclined to return yours. I've read a couple different logs where folks have said things like "I lost my sunglasses somewhere in between leaving my car and getting back to it", followed by logs with someone else saying "I found the previous party's sunglasses, will arrange for their return". Letting someone know what you lost nearby will also help ensure that, in case you left it in the box itself, the future finders will know it's not swag.
  23. I almost always have mine clipped to me with a carabiner, just in case. It's easy enough to do, and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I also have my name and telephone number set to show on my start up screen so if someone finds my GPSr they can arrange for its return, should they be in an honest mood.
  24. Just click on the geocaching.com google maps link to the left of the map. It should get you the information you're looking for.
  25. In my GPS, I can toggle back and forth so I can see either GC codes or cache names. There are handinesses to both, and I switch the display fairly frequently. We've got several caches in my area named "oceanview" or "ocean view", and if I want to figure out if I've got a particular cache loaded into my GPS it's much easier to search by GC code. It's annoying to have to go through them one by one to see which is the right one. That said, if I'm at Ocean View Park and want to see if I've got a cache by that name in my GPS because I met up with another geocacher who said it was pretty awesome, the GC code isn't particularly helpful. Trust me, whichever way it's set up, you're going to find it annoying in some situation or another. Find out if you can switch the display in your GPS, and you're going to be much happier.
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