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2009 Geocaching Police Squad Geocoin


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The very popular Police Geocaching Squad is proud to present its 2009 version. We are expecting this from the mint in July.


We are now taking preorders for this coin. We are minting 200 coins in 4 different finishes. 50 of Gold, 50 Nickel, 50 Antique Gold and 50 Antique Silver. The 2006 coin was so popular that it sold out quickly and recently this coin went for $56 on Ebay. This version is the Garmin Armed version. We are only shipping to the USA and Canada. The Gold version is available by itself or you can preorder the set of all four finishes.


Pre order page




Pre order page


2006 Version



2007 Version


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Wow it does look similar. They kinda took our badge idea from 2006. Well....more good looking coins for collectors and to travel the world is a good thing in my opinion. The artwork was inspired by a badge design from the Amtrak Railroad Police badge so both were taken from that design.

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Anyone from Canada, receive there coin yet, I'm still waiting.


Your posting is very timely. I just got three packages sent back to me that were all addressed to Canada. On them they had a sticker saying anything over 13 ounces has to go to the counter and deal directly with a postal employee. I have shipped to Canada before and this is the first time this has happened. Sorry about the delay, the three envelopes will be going out today.

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