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  1. After 2 long years traveling one of my two coins has reached Helena, MT. I have a 2010 Allegheny State Park in Bob's Bug Hotel(GC16J75).
  2. Mark, I am very interested in ordering for this event. can you send me an invite?
  3. OK for all I need a few more coins to complete my set, I will trade or buy. Here goes: I Need: Idaho Phoenix Netherlands Long island, NY Pretty in Pink Barcelona Maine I have to trade: Ohio Australia North Carolina Michigan Thanks. Mike
  4. OK i released 2 coins in the Akron, Ohio area and whoever picked them up moved them to Utah. What a jump. TBXAM0 TB3KJAB
  5. Good Luck all. This exciting to watch.
  6. So I am one of those people who are trying to get every version. Is there anyone out there that is still looking to trade? I have the Ohio version.
  7. Ok, I have sent several emails out, but if anyone is interested in trading coins, let me know. I too love to get as many versions as possible.
  8. What program are you guys using to fill in the your color choices? I want to see what mine will look like. Thanks
  9. i would come there for this and you can bank on it. my wife and i are just looking for a reason to go there.
  10. 01. Avroair --- Seattle 02. BAT --- Northeast Illinois 03. ELTADA --- Ontario 04. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO 05. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic 06. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC 07. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5 08. kayakerinme - Portland Maine 09. NOSNOW - Minnesota (Twin Cities) GC2C0TP 10. Space Coast Geocachers Merritt Island, FL 11. hjnielsen - Kaysville, Utah 12. LionsLair - Forgotten Coast, Florida (Apalachicola/Mexico Beach) 13. AlliedOz - Perth, Western Australia 14. JoenSue - New Jersey 15. AtlantaGal - South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) 16. mmacgown - Long Island, New York 17. anne.and.eli - Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA 18. Cache_in_Hand, MustangJoni & Hedge Hopper - Dallas, TX 19. fatkidsOTWunite - Georgia (Columbus) 20. Vanelle - Ithaca, NY 21. Cache Addict - Denver, Colorado 22. mar-elendili - Switzerland 23. GeoGerms and 808ladybug - O'ahu, Hawai'i 24. WebXXI & Fraldinhas - Portugal 25. Lizzardman - UK 26. Lag Pins - Ft Myers, FL 27. mattfamily - Akron, Ohio
  11. Update: 1. Participating: YES 2. Nick/destination received: YES on 7/1 3. Adoption Request sent: YES on 7/12 4. Adoption Request accepted: YES on 7/13 5. Outgoing coin released: YES on 7/14 6. Incoming coin picked up: NOT YET
  12. I am having trouble getting the sytem to accept that I want to adopt out my coin. Any thoughts. When I go to the adoption screen and put in the coin number is says it can not find it, but it is activated and rady to go. I don't know?
  13. If you need anyone for another mission I will be more than happy to release another. Let me know.
  14. 1. Participating: YES 2. Nick/destination received: YES on 7/1 3. Adoption Request sent: 4. Adoption Request accepted: 5. Outgoing coin released: 6. Incoming coin picked up:
  15. I am releasing 2 coins tomorrow. On their way to Big Sky Country. Thanks for the challenge. Both started in Way to go Mattfamily.
  16. I am in. I will update my info tomorrow when I get home from work. Thanks
  17. I was also blessed with this coin today in the mail. Thank you to all who helped organize this coin. Mike <>-<
  18. You might be able to hit Avroair up, something tells me he might be able to help you with this one.
  19. 2010 NE OSP Challenge -Portage Lakes GC28QE6 This is one of the parks. When you look at this cache page it tells the other 17 parks and they all start with the title: 2010 NE OSP Challenge- then the park.
  20. The Ohio State Parks has an opportunity to find 18 caches hidden in 18 different Ohio State Parks. The first 100 to get it done get a coin at the end of the summer. It is A LOT of driving, but haven't we all done crazier things for a coin.
  21. I spoke with the rep at ASP V, they have extended it another year.
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