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Access to trig-point

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I'm not sure whether this post should be in the 'Benchmark Hunting' forum, but I will try it here anyway. It is a question:


I know that in the UK we call benchmarks trig-points. There is a trig-point in a field not far from where I live. There used to be a footpath with a stile either end. Recently the landowner put up barbed wire around the field and blocked one stile at one end with panks of wood and newly planted young trees. The landowner then put up 'Get off my land' style signs everywhere that would be the envy of a teenager's bedroom. This caused a stir with the locals.


It turns out the unused path on one side of the field was a little used registered footpath, but the main path used by walkers (but mainly dog walkers) was just a private path (not registered with the local authority). For more information see this newspaper article.


OK, to my question. The actions of the landowner means there is no access to the trig-point in the middle of the field. Can a landowner block off access to a trig-point?


Note, I tried to ask this question on the Ramblers forum, but I could register an account with the forum.

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For anyone who is intrested htere is a good guide to rights of way law on the ramblers site.


There is also a good guide from Natural England.


But essentaly from what I know (not much) then if the path is not on the 'definitive map' held by the local athority then there unlikly to be a right of way although there are exeptions, as apparently not all RoW are on the maps. After 2010 I think it is when a new law comes in all RoW not on the 'Difinitive Map's' will cease to be RoW.

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There is nothing to stop the OP contacting the land owner and seeking permission to visit the trig point, although it might be worth letting the dust settle first after the path closure.



The Neath Worthies mentioned one in a back garden there is certainly one on the edge of Nottingham like this, I have also come across one in Derby in someone's from garden and I bet there are many more.

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There are quite a number that have no 'easy' access, being in gardens, on military property, inside reservoir compounds and the like. There are even more that are accessible but not on public rights of way. I guess it depends on what you personally decide is a 'baggable' trigpoint. Some people just need to see them and if it's a case of looking through a fence into someone's garden or 'losing you way' a little and walking along the edge of a field then that's OK. For me, I have to touch them and take photographs of the FB and spider. That makes it a little more 'interesting' and is why I do most of my trigpointing in full camo and early in the morning <_<

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