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Blocking HTML in cache logs?


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There is no site tool that allows suppression of the limited UBB code that's permissible in logs.


You can write to the logger and ask them to re-log without the UBB code and smilies. If you ask nicely, he's likely to comply.


If he doesn't, and you're bothered by it, you can try deleting his log.


Then he can re-log, and you can delete again, and then he can appeal to Groundspeak for capricious deletion.


Or, you could just let it go.


I think that about covers it.

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Wow, that would be annoying if everybody did that!




Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Did you know that the forum software restricts the number of emoticons you can use in a post? I didn't know until I did the above. Maybe the same restriction could be applied to cache logs.


Thankfully I haven't seen anything like that before. But I can say that I've never seen so much effort put into a copy/paste log.

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We have a few local geocachers that do the same thing. They go for the visual effect of the online logs and don't really care about the effect on the owner and/or watchlist recipients. It tends to get annoying and is mostly about being an attention whore rather then having any useful purpose.


It would be nice to have UBB code stripped from emails logs, but I doubt that is gonna happen.

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